Xena’s products are used in multiple ways for testing different devices for different purposes.

Government and Defense

When you are entrusted with national security and providing vital services to the general public, you need reliable test equipment with a documented track record for accuracy and efficiency.

Network Engineers

Fast, efficient networks are essential for business success. Network engineers around the world value Valkyrie’s feature-rich, user-friendly options for optimizing existing technology and  testing new solutions.

Performance Testing

Performance or benchmark testing highlights the performance of a DUT or a networks, measuring parameters like maximum throughput, latency and jitter. This is our core business and all of Xena’s products offer extensive performance testing features.

Testing Switches

Many Xena customers use our Valkyrie traffic generators to do performance and QoS testing on Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches.

Vantage is also popular for verifying the performance of switches during production.

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