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Scripting with Xena

Xena offers the industry’s best tools for automating Ethernet testing. Period.

Valkyrie, Vantage, Chimera and Vulcan include management software, plus a simple yet powerful scripting tool. Everything you can do with the management software can also be done using simple CLI text commands.

We offer several hundred scriptable parameters: from basic streams and capture setup to wild-carding across modules and ports. You can also use the client-side functionality to execute script commands both conditionally and repetitively. This is a big advantage when it comes to test automation.

The management software saves test port configurations in the exact same CLI command format as used by the scripting tool, making it very easy to go back and forth between the two.


  • Can be used with virtually any scripting and program language
  • Can run on any operating system
  • No need to install drivers or proprietary programs
  • Re-use your existing automation framework


  • Purely text based
  • No binary modules


  • Extremely low communication overhead
  • Very simple and efficient protocol
  • No requirements to the CLI client

Easy to learn

  • Fully documented
  • Easy to debug
  • Reuse existing configurations

Want to learn more?

See all the technical documentation related to Automation and Scripting here.

Drivers & Scripts

You can use Xena’s Scripting API from various scripting languages. Below are links to respective repositories and script samples you can download.


Our products are supported on a variety of commercial and Open Source platforms. Here you can find information about the QualiSystems TestShell, JSystem and Coronys framework. More are coming soon.

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