Performance Testing

Test. Improve. Repeat.

All of Xena’s products can be used for performance testing. This typically includes measuring:

  • the volume of data successfully delivered between two points, usually measured in bits or packets per second
  • how long it takes data packets to travel between two points in a network or a device, also known as latency
  • variations in latency – also known as jitter – due to network congestion or other factors
  • how many data packets fail to reach their destination
  • if data packets are delivered in a different order from that in which they were sent

Testing can be done with different frame sizes to check how this affects performance. Similarly, the DUT can be loaded beyond its throughput capacity to see how this affects frame loss, latency and jitter.

Valkyrie includes free applications for testing in accordance with IETF RFC 2544, RFC 2889 and RFC 3918. Valkyrie also supports VSperf testing.

Vulcan is Xena solution for Performance testing for layer 4 to 7.

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The R&D department of a major NEM in China was developing new GPON ONU access solutions for transportation. To validate the performance of the new products, they needed to generate stateless Ethernet traffic at 100GE, as well as 25GE and 50GE. Two key requirements were that the test equipment should be portable and provide two 100GE ports.