The Tolly Group confirms Chimera Network Impairment capabilities

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Such as drop, misordering, duplication, policing, shaping, and more. flow corruption capabilities of IPv4 & FCS. At 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G & 100G

“Unified Communication as a Service, UCaaS for short, has taken the world by storm of late. The Covid crisis necessitated remote working and remote working fueled UCaaS adoption. Assuring the quality of end-user experience (EUE) for VoIP and other UCaaS applications is an essential requirement. Understanding how VoIP and other apps behave under varying network conditions is a prerequisite for providing good EUE. Xena Networks Chimera provides sophisticated network impairment emulation to accomplish that task.

Xena Networks commissioned Tolly to evaluate the network impairment capabilities and topology support of Chimera. Chimera is available as a compact, 2-port standalone unit or as a module for greater port scaling in the Xena ValkyrieBay chassis.

Tolly tests confirmed the availability of a broad range of impairments that include drop, misordering, duplication, policing, shaping and others. Chimera also demonstrated flow corruption capabilities of IPv4 and also of the frame check sequence (FCS). Importantly, Chimera demonstrated transparent, line- rate traffic forwarding at 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G & 100G link speeds.”

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