TLS White Paper

Transport Layer Security Performance Testing
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Transport Layer Security White Paper

Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), are the most popular cryptographic protocols used by the major web browsers, and websites around the world. HTTPS, also called HTTP over TLS, is now the de facto standard for many websites to provide secure services to their users, like Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, banks, ecommerce, etc.

Testing TLS performance is important for network security equipment manufacturers, operators, enterprises, system integrators, etc., because it helps find the balance between security and performance. And for the tests to be valid, it is essential that the test equipment can send encrypted TLS traffic through the DUT while it is operating in the TLS middlebox/proxy mode.

Supporting the latest encryption standard, Xena TLS reveals performance bottlenecks of TLS/HTTPS middleboxes/proxies, address security performance testing requirements, and optimize security parameters.

Transport Layer Encryption White Paper – CONTENT

  • From Plain Text to Encryption
  • Need for Communication Security
  • History of SSL and TLS
  • How TLS Works
  • Need for TLS Middlebox Performance Testing
  • TLS About TCP
  • Close Notify Option
  • Optimizing TLS Record Size
  • TLS Key Exchange and Cipher Suites
  • Test Scenarios with TLS