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Try Valkyrie and Vulcan

The Valkyrie system can test 9 speeds: 400GE, 200GE, 100GE, 50GE, 40GE, 10GE, 5GE, 2,5GE and 1GE in two ValkyrieBay Layer 2-3 chassis hooked up to various network devices. The Vulcan system is a VulcanBay with ports connected back-to-back. There are 2 ways to access these systems:
Download Software Or use Phantom & browser
OPTION 1 - Download the relevant software onto your desktop & double-click to launch OPTION 2 - Use Phantom to access system via a remote desktop session
Simply fill out a web form, download the software you want to use, and double-click to launch. Then you connect via an IP address and password. Fill out the web form, and then use your browser to select and launch the software (via Phantom). Connect via an IP address and password.
How to connect to Xena's live L2-7 demo system

How to connect to Xena's live L2-7 demo system

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Try Vantage

Why choose Vantage?

Vantage is a production line test solution for networking devices that use Ethernet traffic, such as switches, NICs, routers, GPON devices, cable modems, EOC, power modems and so on.

The solution consists of dedicated hardware and software from an experienced test & measurement expert, and is designed to be flexible, scalable and very easy to use.

Vantage helps Networking Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) quickly detect performance issues and verify new features before the Devices Under Test (DUTs) leave the factory.

This small investment in pre-production testing and quality assurance improves customer satisfaction and productivity.

Vantage Live Demo

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Try Safire

Top 5 Test Scenarios

Safire is a simple and cost-efficient tool for:

  1. Comparing different enterprise firewalls prior to purchasing
  2. Validating performance prior to installation
  3. Checking performance after software updates and patches
  4. Verifying performance following any significant LAN changes
  5. Measuring performance impact of new SW applications

Safire Live Demo

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