User Manuals

Here you will find the user manuals for Xena’s Ethernet traffic generation and analysis test solutions.

If you still require assistance, please contact your local Xena partner in the US, EMEA, or Asia Pacific. Or send an email to [email protected].


Valkyrie L2-3 SW UI

- ValkyrieManager User ManualDownloadView
- Valkyrie2544 User ManualDownloadView
- Valkyrie1564 User ManualDownloadView
- Valkyrie3918 User ManualDownloadView
- Valkyrie2889 User ManualDownloadView
- Phantom User ManualDownload


Vulcan L4-7 SW UI

- VulcanManager User ManualDownloadView

Safire SW UI

- SafireManager User ManualDownloadView


- L2-3 XenaScripting for Valkyrie and ChimeraDownloadView
- L4-7 XenaScripting for VulcanDownloadView
- Valkyrie REST ServerDownload

Warranty and Licensing

- Valkyrie Warranty SystemView
- Vulcan Warranty SystemView
- Vulcan Licensing SystemView
- ChassisUpgrader User ManualView


- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)View
- XenaLink User ManualView
- Excel2544View
- Troubleshooting a Xena Test ApplicationView

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