The “Why” and the “How”

by Kevin Tolly

SD-WANs are the future of business networking and are relevant to service providers, enterprises and even small-medium businesses. SD-WANs are built of a combination of LAN switching and WAN routing hardware with a sophisticated software overlay. They are proprietary by nature – no two SD-WANs will perform the same way. Thus, it is essential they SD-WANs be benchmarked.

Fortunately, knowledge that you’ve built up benchmarking enterprise and SP networks can, and should, be readily applied to SD-WANs. Switch benchmarking can be used to determine the raw processing capabilities of SD-WAN nodes. Impairment testing can be used to determine the effectiveness of remediation capabilities. Firewall testing can be used to determine the impact of SASE security capabilities on overall performance.

In this presentation, Kevin will provide guidance on essential benchmarking for today’s growing SD-WAN environment.
Presented by:

Kevin Tolly

Kevin Tolly

Founder of Tolly Group, which works with leading-edge vendors to provide crucial third-party validation of their product claims.