Application Emulation

Testing with realistic network traffic places the device under test (DUT) in a realistic network environment and delivers authentic results.

News solutions to validate and verify the systems

Testing new applications, systems, products and protocols allows companies to validate and verify the system and ensure the application does not result in expensive failures later in development and deployment.

Where to put the dut?

Analytic traffic models and traffic simulators often fail to provide complex and realistic traffic. They are usually based on assumptions and simplify the traffic behavior. Testing with realistic network traffic places the Device Under Test (DUT) in a realistic network environment to  deliver more accurate results.

Xena solution enables testing in a realist network environment

This White Paper looks at how Xena provides an application emulation function and an up-to-date library of real-world traffic captured in pcap file format so users can emulate live traffic and test products in a realistic network environment.

Application Emulation White Paper – Content

  • Need for Stateful Traffic Testing
  • True Stateful vs. Simulated Stateful
  • Need For Application Emulation
  • VulcanAppMix: Pre-defined Library for Application Emulation
  • Protocol-oriented Library
  • Application-oriented Library
  • Traffic Mixes

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