Automotive Ethernet Testing

Automotive Ethernet standards seek to minimize the weight and cost of electrical cabling – now the 3rd largest weight component. Xena test solutions are ideal for verifying the effectiveness of these initiatives.

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly

The newest models have features that represent unparalleled innovation – cars that can communicate with each other, the road-side infrastructure, the Internet, plus highly advanced in-car infotainment systems.

Cars are also being equipped with sensor-based safety systems that can dramatically improve traffic safety by virtually eliminating crashes.

Why do we equip cars with safety systems?

We are nearing a point where fully automated vehicles that can handle all driving tasks will soon be commercially available. Most of these new features and applications rely on bandwidth hungry electronics which require costly and complex cabling. This is a key factor increasing the price and weight of the cars.

The key factor for increasing car prices?

To counter this, the BroadR-Reach® 100 Mbit/s Automotive Ethernet specification seeks to optimize in-car cabling, based on 100 Mbit/s Ethernet running over a single unshielded twisted pair copper wire. A network based on the BroadR-Reach specification for in-car communication will significantly reduce both cost and weight of the required cabling.

Xena offers a solution for testing the broad-reach ethernet

Read this White Paper to learn why testing BroadR-Reach Ethernet equipment is essential for verifying its quality, functionality and performance. Xena’s Odin-1G-3S-6P 6-port 1Gbps test module provides powerful testing capabilities for testing and verifying BroadR-Reach automotive Ethernet solutions.


  • BroadR-Reach 100 Mbit/s Automotive Ethernet
  • Legacy Automotive Networks
  • Automotive Ethernet Standardization
  • Protocol Stack
  • BroadR-Reach capable switches
  • Automotive Ethernet Test Requirements
  • Xena’s Automotive Ethernet Solutions
  • Testing up to Layer 3
  • Testing from 10 Megabit/s to 1 Gigabit/s
  • Test Automation



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