Going beyond generating DDoS traffic, Xena’s solutions can help companies test their security products and operators test networks and detect flaws, thereby ensuring business continuity and preserve business integrity.

What is distributed denial of service?

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks are a serious threat to businesses around the world. Attackers use multiple hosts to swamp targets with bogus traffic, paralyzing the network and potentially costing the victims millions of dollars.

How to prevent DDOS attacks?

There are many security systems for preventing DDoS attacks – but how do you test if they can handle the task before they are activated.

Discover Xena’s complete  DDOS testing solution

Xena offers a complete test solution for DDoS mitigation and network security with high-performance products and ample features. Read this White paper to learn more.


  • DDoS Attacks and Business Disruption
  • Understanding Different DDoS Attacks
  • UDP Flood Attack
  • Ping of Death
  • Ping Flood
  • Smurf Attack
  • ARP Spoofing
  • Teardrop Attack
  • TCP Sequence Prediction Attack
  • Xena DDoS Test and Verification Solutions
  • Importing Captured Traffic as Template

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