Evaluate Data Center Network Performance

Read our new case study in how to measure the latency of data center network topologies with an SDN-based control framework and Xena test equipment.

The importance of data centre network topology

Data centers contain numerous servers connected through a data center network, which is usually built with layer 2 switches and layer 3 routers. The topology of the data center network is crucial for latency in the data communication to and from the data center and between servers in the data center.

Obtaining comparable information

Tests for measuring latency and other performance parameters can be done for different data center network topologies. It is important that these tests can be repeated and reproduced to have comparable information from the tests.

Planning for data centre scaling

At Denmark’s DTU Fotonik, Department of Photonics Engineering, scientists evaluate data center network topologies using an SDN-based (Software-Defined Networking) control framework that measures network performance – primarily latency. This can be used to plan data center scaling by testing how a new topology will function before changes are made.

Xena is the obvious choice for these tests

As a leading vendor of Ethernet Traffic Generation and Analysis solutions, Xena is an obvious choice to provide DTU with the data center test equipment it needs – especially as Xena’s HQ is only a few kilometers away from DTU. Read this White paper to learn how Xena’s Valkyrie and Vulcan test platforms are used by DTU to evaluate the impact of different network topologies on data center performance.

Evaluate Data Center Network Performance White Paper – Content

  • Data Center Network Testbeds: Performance Evaluation and Testing
  • Data Center Benchmarking
  • DTU Fotonik (Department of Photonics Engineering)
  • Xena Networks Data Center Test Solutions
  • Testing above Layer 3
  • Testing up to Layer 3
  • Test Automation

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