Firewall Performance Testing Use Cases in Lab and Production Networks

Requirements and challenges of different firewall performance testing

Implementation of enterprise firewall solution is usually addressed in a phased approach with various use cases in each. The use of a phased approach for deployment can minimize unforeseen issues and identify potential pitfalls early on. However, it is challenging for enterprises to identify the differences of firewall performance testing, as well as accurately verifying firewall performances, in different use cases.

Many organizations deliberately ignore the fact that firewall performance testing in different phases require different approaches of testing and analysis. This often results in a false sense of verified performance and wrong decision makings towards security solution implementation.

This whitepaper identifies the requirements and challenges of different firewall performance testing uses cases, and describes the solution offered by Xena Safire enterprise firewall performance tester. The capability of facilitating testing firewall performances in various use cases in different phases is crucial for enterprises to succeed in a firewall service deployment and management. With Xena Safire, users can easily run test case with customized traffic profiles that match the test requirements for various use cases and firewall configurations, and rapidly assess the tests by Safire’s result comparison and analysis feature. The outcome is a repeatable, meaningful and effective firewall performance test result for enterprises, governments, financial institutions, and system integrators.

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