Learn more about OpenFlow performance testing and how Xena's Valkyrie platforms are used to verify OpenFlow performance of switches in the SDN.

Traditional networks

Networks have traditionally been built with dedicated devices like routers, switches and firewalls, each designed for a specific task. The result is totally distributed network control, where decisions on data forwarding are done in the network devices based on various algorithms and protocols. Once set up and configured the network works fine, but changing the behavior of the network can be costly and time consuming – if possible at all.

What is software-defined networking (SDN)?

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an alternative that allows more flexibility and faster configuration of networks. OpenFlow was one of the first standards for SDN and OpenFlow® products must meet clearly defined conformance test specifications conducted by authorized test labs.

Testing openflow SDNs

In addition to testing conformance, it is often relevant to test the performance of e.g. SDN switches to validate how well the OpenFlow- enabled switch performs the OpenFlow message processing and data packet forwarding.

This White Paper describes relevant OpenFlow performance tests and explains how Xena Valkyrie platform can quickly and cost-effectively test and verify the OpenFlow performance of switches in the SDN.

OpenFlow® Performance Testing White Paper – content

  • OpenFlow® Specifications
  • Other Protocols for the SDN Open Southbound API
  • OpenFlow Performance Testing
  • OpenFlow Message Processing Performance
  • OpenFlow Data Packet Forwarding Performance
  • OpenFlow Vendors
  • Xena Networks OpenFlow Performance Test Solutions
  • Testing up to Layer 3

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