Realistic Application Simulation for Enterprise Firewall Performance Testing

Testing Enterprise Firewall with the correct test traffic

It is challenging for enterprises to use the correct test traffic to performance test their firewalls, especially in production networks. Modern firewalls with advance feature sets are aware of the application layer content and are capable of execute various security functions to permit or deny network traffic based on a set of rules programmed by network administrators.

Many organizations deliberately ignore the importance of using realistic simulated application traffic mix to performance test their firewalls and keep using standardize test traffic that is originally designed for benchmarking. This often results in a false sense of verified performance and wrong decision makings towards security solution implementation.

Xena Safire simulated realistic application test traffic makes it productive and easy to reconstruct stateful application traffic from enterprise production network for a successful firewall deployment and services. By keeping the application library live, Xena Safire provide users access to the up-to-date application traffic, which supports various test scenarios and firewall configurations. The outcome is a repeatable, meaningful and effective firewall performance test result for enterprises, governments, financial institutions, and system integrators.

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033 WP: Realistic Application Simulation for Enterprise Firewall Performance Testing

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