Terabit Ethernet – How?

This White Paper examines the practical details of how 112Gbps SerDes and 800Gbps Ethernet works.

New modulation schemes

Faster electrical lane speeds, new modulation schemes and the need to improve Forward Error Correction (FEC) mechanisms all play a role in making high-speed Ethernet possible.

Implementation of new ethernet solutions

Enabling 400Gbps, 800Gbps and 1.6 Terabit Ethernet solutions also requires changes to the Ethernet physical layer. This has critical implications for engineers tasked with testing solutions using these speeds.

Transceiver module form factors

Compact transceiver module form factors that can take advantage of these advances and keep power consumption to a minimum are also a key part of making Terabit Ethernet viable.

This White Paper looks at these factors and others relevant to the development of terabit Ethernet.

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