Terabit Ethernet – Why?

In this, the first of three White Papers exploring Terabit Ethernet, we look at the commercial factors driving the development of Terabit Ethernet.

Next plans for ethernet solutions ?

800GE has barely arrived but already plans are being made for 1.6 Terabit Ethernet.

Is cost the only determinant of success?

Cost is no longer the sole determinant for success of Ethernet speeds. Power consumption is also a major factor, particularly for data centers. The trade-off between speed and power means different paths to Terabit Ethernet depending on network architectures and budgets.

New generation of test solutions

Due to the multiple options, it also means a new generation of test solutions capable of measuring Ethernet protocols, Layer 1 performance and interoperability for switches, line cards and transceivers.

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In Part 2 we explore the technical drivers for new Terabit Ethernet solutions.

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