Testing 400GE using 112Gbps SerDes

How to test signal integrity of 400GE traffic using 112Gbps SerDes

Basic principles of data rates

This White Paper describes the basics of line, lane, symbol and data rates, as well as modulation formats for 400Gbps Ethernet transmission.

Key elements of a serdes implementation

It then looks at the key elements of a typical ADC-based SerDes implementation for 100Gbps Ethernet, plus the role of signal integrity.

How to check signal integrity?

Then the parameters that need to be tested to verify signal integrity are described, along with some practical use cases for 400 Gbps connections.

Please note, most of the content is also relevant for testing both 800Gbps and 1.6Tbps Ethernet.

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042 WP: 400G for 112Gbps SerDes

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