Xena equipment for terabit Gigabit Ethernet test system selected by Mellanox Technologies

Xena’s innovative 100 Gigabit Ethernet traffic generator used for testing their game-changing 400Gbps network processor. 


Copenhagen, Denmark, October 1 2016: Xena Networks announced today that Mellanox, a leading supplier of end-to-end data center Ethernet and InfiniBand solutions for servers, storage, and hyper-converged infrastructure, has selected Xena’s innovative 100Gbps test equipment for lab testing the NPS-400, a game-changing 400Gbps network processor.

The 2.8 terabit test system consisted of 28 of Xena’s 3-speed triple media 100G test modules installed in five of their XenaBay chassis. Part of the solution from Xena Networks also included new software features required by Mellanox to meet their stringent test & measurement program.

“Xena were very responsive throughout the project. They developed several major features needed for our testing purposes, our communication with them was very productive, and they resolved major obstacles to help us complete the project on schedule,” said Ido Bukspan, VP Chip design at Mellanox.

Xena’s innovative 3-speed 100G test module (M1CFP4QSFP28CXP) supports three transceiver form-factors: CFP4 (CAUI-4), QSFP28 (CAUI-4), and CXP (CAUI), and can be also used to provide two 40G test ports or eight 10G test ports.

Xena also delivered a series of new software features including features for QSFP28 and CFP4, as well as maximum and minimum packet sizes, maximum numbers of streams and the option to upgrade the system to 400G test modules once they become available


Triple media support delivers cost-cutting flexibility 

“We designed this product to meet the needs of Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) like Mellanox who need to test equipment in a variety of network environments where they can reasonably expect to encounter all three of these 100G form-factors, as well as legacy 100G test interfaces,” explains CEO Jacob Nielsen.

“By supplying one test module that supports all these interface, we significantly reduce the cost of testing by eliminating the need to invest in 2 or 3 different 100G test modules. The other big benefit is we also support the first-generation CAUI-based SR10 interface used by older 100G test modules. This ensures compatibility and extends the value of investments in legacy T&M equipment.”

RDT Equipment & Systems, a major distributor of advanced networking test equipment, supported this project

“RDT enjoys a close, long-term relationship with Mellanox and we understand their testing needs. Testing a ground-breaking product like their new NPS-400 network processor was a challenge we were happy to help them with as we were confident Xena had a solution that could achieve their technical goals at a price point that matched their budget,” explains Greg Zhivotovsky, Sales Manager at RDT.


For more information, please contact Christopher Lind Arlaud, VP Marketing: [email protected]



“Xena’s new 100G test module proves its value in Mellanox’s terabit test installation.”