This manual describes the Xena Scripting API for the XenaAppliance and XenaScale layer 4-7 test products.

The Xena layer 4-7 products can be controlled via Xena Networks Scripting API. The API uses the same text based protocol as for the Xena layer 2-3 products.

A few commands (mainly chassis commands) are the same as for the layer 2-3 products, but the layer 4-7 products feature several other commands for setting up and controlling TCP connections. For a detailed description of the building blocks of L4-7 scripting please refer to the Scripting Specification (pdf) in the link below.

You can implement scripting solutions in any of your favorite scripting languages, including but not limited to BASH, Tcl, Ruby, python, perl. We provide a small python (2.x) script collection (see github link below) which demonstrates how you can build up a set of library functions upon which you can build powerful tests.

The Python script bundle is provided on an as-is basis and are not subject to support or feature requests. Please note that the scripts are based on Python 2.x and that they will not run on Python 3.x. This is due to a change in function syntax for the “print” command. It is straight forward to correct: Simply substitute all occurrences of print “string or text” with print(“string or text”)

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