XenaScripting is a command-line-interface (CLI) scripting API that makes test automation easy for test engineers using the XenaBay and XenaCompact chassis.

XenaScripting is a command-line-interface (CLI) scripting API which supports multiple concurrent scripting sessions. This makes it easy for different users – in different locations – to work on the same Xena chassis simultaneously.

Simple and very flexible

Any client platform can be used to establish a TCP/IP connection and send and receive CLI commands as lines of text. Typical client platforms include Tcl*, Perl*, Python*, Java*, and VBA. See these CLI scripting examples:

Everything you can do with XenaManager-2G can also be done via XenaScripting, using simple CLI text commands. There are several hundred scriptable parameters: from basic streams and capture setup to wild-carding across modules and ports. It is, of course, possible to use the client-side functionality to execute script commands both conditionally and repetitively, which offers real advantages when it comes to test automation.

XenaManager 2G saves test port configurations in the exact same CLI command format as used by XenaScripting. This makes it very easy to go back and forth between a XenaManager-2G environment and a XenaScripting environment. For example, exporting a port configuration from XenaManager-2G generates a configuration file in a simple text format that can be edited using a text editing tool such as Microsoft Notepad. It can then be imported back into XenaManager-2G.

XenaScripting - Makes test automation easier for test engineers
XenaScripting - User-friendly CLI scripting tool for Xena test system automation.

Above is a simple example showing 3 parameters from the XenaCLI client (left) and how they match the structure of the XenaManager GUI (right).

The seamless interaction between XenaManager-2G GUI and XenaScripting accelerates your scripting learning curve, letting you get more done quicker as complex test port configurations can easily be defined in XenaManager-2G, and then exported to a text based configuration file, which in turn can be cut & pasted into your scripting tool environment.

The Xena2544 and Xena1564 applications can also be executed and post-processed from your automated scripting environment via command line utilities provided together with these test applications.


  • Ideal for test automation of e.g. production environments
  • Powerful CLI approach from any TCP/IP capable tool environment
  • Unified syntax for CLI- and GUI-generated test port configurations makes it easy to learn
  • Script examples of Tcl, Perl, Java and Python available
  • Intelligent console tool bundled free with XenaManager-2G

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