Xena Training Videos

These videos give a brief introduction to Xena’s Gigabit Ethernet test and measurement solutions. You can also try our Live Demo system or request a free online demo.

Xena2544 - 1. Getting Started

Xena2544 Training Part 1This Xena2544 training tutorial shows how to:
- Perform a basic Layer-2 test scenario
- Add ports on a chassis
- Select basic test options
- Run the test
- Analyze the results

Length: 9 mins

Xena2544 - 2. Topologies

Xena2544 Training - at Part 2The 2nd in a series explaining how to use Xena2544. It covers:
- Why we need test topologies
- Supported topologies
- Configuring the desired overall topology
- Configuring a port to suit the topology

Length: 8 mins

Xena2544 - 3. Protocol Segment Profiles

Xena2544 Training - Part 3The 3rd in a series explaining how to use Xena2544. It covers:
- Why use profiles
- How to assign profiles to ports
- How to resolve source and dest. MAC and IP addresses
- How to specify modifiers

Length: 8 mins

XenaManager 2G

XenaManager 2GThis video explains all the new features in XenaManager-2G and shows how to do basic tasks:
- Major and minor changes at a glance
- The new GUI features
- Testbeds
- Grid Configuration Views
- Streams Statistics Charting

Length: 29 mins

XenaScripting - Save Time on Automation

XenaScriptingXenaScripting is a free app for doing text-based command line scripting on Xena test equipment. This video shows how it works with XenaManager-2G and explains how it can be used with any platform that can connect via a TCP platform and send and receive lines of text, including Tcl, Perl, Java, Ruby, BASH and Python.

Length: 8 mins

Xena1564 - Getting Started with T.1564

Xena1564This video shows you how to use Xena1564, the free app from Xena for doing Y.1564 tests. It covers creating services, bandwidth profiles, connecting to the test chassis and then doing the Configuration and Performance Tests.

Length: 12 mins

Xena, ONPATH and Direct Attach Cables

Xena and Direct Attach CablesThis clip was made for Intel (LAD) to show that both Xena and ONPATH support Cisco Direct Attach Cables (DAC). You will see a XenaCompact with 6 x10G ports connected to a ONPATH L.1 switch (10G). The traffic was generated and terminated with the Xena. During the clip we disconnect and connect the cable to show what happens to the live traffic.

Length: 2 mins

XenaManager - Basics

XenaManagerThis video walks you through the basic functions and features of XenaManager (Release 41). It covers:
– how to setup a testbed
– how to set up streams (3.42)
– using the packet editor (6.23)
– basic use of statistics (8.43)
– jitter and latency measurements(11.24)
– how to do data captures (12.29)
– histograms (13.52)
– global statistics (16.00)
– editing port configuration files (17.45)
– scripting (22.10)

Length: 27 mins

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