Xena News - 2017

XenaAppMix Wins Lightwave Innovation Award 2017

Xena Earns Prestigious Lightwave Innovation Award for software that tests stateful TCP/UDP traffic.

Copenhagen, March 16, 2017: Xena Networks, the global leader in Gigabit Ethernet Test Equipment Price Performance, has earned a Lightwave Innovation Award for its ground-breaking XenaAppMix (XAM), a key feature of XenaConnnect, the software used for Xena’s Layer 4-7 test platform.

XenaAppMix (XAM) received a final score of 4 which indicates a “superb product that sets new standard for performance and provides groundbreaking and new technical milestones” according to Lightwave.

XAM is used to validate the performance of devices and networks that handle stateful TCP/UDP traffic – such as firewalls, traffic shapers, routers, deep-packet inspection equipment, capture devices and more.

It does this by providing instant access to a large library of protocols and application traffic in pcap format so test engineers can quickly configure streams of traffic comprised of many “real-world” applications, using pre-defined and customizable mix templates.

These streams can then be used evaluate how devices or networks cope with the stateful TCP/UDP traffic generated via one of Xena’s Layer 4-7 test chassis (XenaScale or XenaApplication) using XenaConnect, the free traffic generation and analysis software provided with these test chassis.

The performance and versatility of the solution lets test engineers accurately emulate real-world stateful TCP/UDP traffic that scales up to millions of users and connections in just a few seconds.

“The level of test realism, flexibility and ease of use that XenaAppMix offers is unique. Instead of blasting “dumb” traffic at an “intelligent” Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), XenaAppMix lets test engineers very accurately emulate the precise same sorts of traffic that the NGFW will encounter in a live operational environment,” says Jacob Nielsen, CEO at Xena Networks.

The XAM library is regularly updated and conveniently organized into protocols and applications: the former offers traffic of a single protocol, the latter a mix of several protocols. Examples of protocols include HTTP/S, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, MQTT, BitTorrent, SMB, FIX, etc., while application examples range from Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Netflix, Gmail, Google+ and other popular applications.

Up to 200 pre-defined application scenarios can be played simultaneously, each covering a one-client-to-multiple-servers communications scenario that can be scaled up to millions of connections with real-world traffic.


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