Stateful TCP/UDP traffic generation and analysis – extreme performance

XenaScale is a scalable Gigabit TCP test chassis that offers extreme performance for stateful traffic load testing, analysis and characterizing of Ethernet equipment and network infrastructure. It supports 1/2.5/5/10/25/40GE L4-7 interfaces and can be used for simulating millions of real-world end-user environments to test and validate infrastructure, a single device, or an entire system.

XenaScale offers stateful end-to-end testing of network appliances such as switches, firewalls, routers, NAT routers, proxies, bandwidth shapers, and more. The platform is also suitable to characterize entire network infrastructure performance.

Developers of Ethernet-based network appliances can characterize their performance by measuring connection establishment and teardown rates, packet forwarding rate at large numbers of connections and identify performance bottlenecks. The platform is also ideal for rapid validation of performance or regression testing.

Developers of stateful network security devices such as next-generation firewalls (NGFW) can measure TLS handshake rate, TLS throughput, TCP CC/CPS, and HTTP CPS/TPS. Users can also replay their own PCAP files to the DUT for performance verification.

XenaConnect is included for ad-hoc test execution and remote management of test equipment located in multiple locations. XenaAppMix helps to test with real-world applications and protocols for highly scalable application emulation.

Flexible upgrade path

XenaScale can be easily upgraded for greater performance thanks to Xena’s flexible licensing model which lets you easily upgrade XenaScale by simply updating your license. This helps you protect your investment by spreading out capital expenditure across multiple quarters, and optimize your budget by purchasing additional performance when required.

•    24 million Concurrent Connections (CC)*
•    6 million Connections Per Second (CPS)**
•   1.2 million Concurrent TLS Sessions, 14,000 TLS Sessions Per Second
•   6 million HTTP Connections Per Second, 7 million HTTP Transactions Per Second (TPS)***
•   Capture capacity: 40 million x 128 bytes buffers / 4 million full-size buffers

* 24M TCP Clients and 24M TCP Servers on one XenaScale
** Measured at 1M CC per 10G port
*** Measured at 10 transactions per connection

Physical Specifications
•    6 slots
•    3.5” (H) x 19” (W) x 17.6” (D) (9 x 43.7 x 44cm)
•    50 lbs (22.7 kg) with no test modules installed

•    AC Voltage: 100-240V
•    Frequency: 50-60Hz
•    Power Consumption: 238W (idle) / 329W (running)
•    Max. Current: 0.8A with 120V supply, and 0.4A with 240V supply

XenaScale Product Numbers:

• 12 x 10 GigE SR/LR/DAC (or 1000M optical/copper)

• 2 x 40 GigE SR/LR/DAC and
• 4 x 10 GigE SR/LR/DAC

• 4 x 25 GigE SR/LR/DAC and
• 2 x 1/10 GigE SR/LR/DAC

• XS-10G-2S License – enables 1 x 2-speed L4-7 Test Port, 1GE/10GE
• XS-10G-4S License – enables 1 x 4-speed L4-7 Test Port, 1GE/2.5GE/5GE/10GE
• XS-40G-1S License – enables 1 x 1-speed L4-7 Test Port, 40GE
• XS-25G-3S License – enables 1 x 3-speed L4-7 Test Port, 1GE/10GE/25GE

• XS-PE License – enables 1 Packet Engine on XenaScale chassis: 1M cc, and 0.3M [email protected] cc (**)

XenaScale versions:

Top Features

  • Stateful TCP traffic load generation with extreme performance – 24 million TCP connections *
  • High throughput of TLS encrypted traffic
  • Scalable performance via license upgrade
  • Supports 1/2.5/5/10/25/40GE optical or copper Ethernet interfaces for L4-7
  • Configuration and tuning of Ethernet, IP and TCP header fields for advanced traffic scenarios
  • Extensive live stats and test reports
  • Wire-speed traffic capture with up to 4 million packets capacity
  • Switched and routed network topologies, TCP proxy and NAT support
  • Free traffic generation and analysis software included (XenaConnect)
  • Scalable application emulation for performance testing with real-world protocols, applications, and traffic mixes from XenaAppMix

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