Xean 400GE White Paper

Performance Testing 400GE & 200GE Networking Equipment
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Xena 400GE White Paper

The latest generation of data center equipment are typically flexible solutions that support both the new 400GE and 200GE data rates as well as the slower speeds right down to 10GE – all via the same port. When verifying the performance of these products, all rates need to be tested, and this poses rigorous demands on traffic generation and analysis solutions.

This White Paper looks at the new 400GE & 200GE data rates and analyzes what is required for cost-effectively verifying the performance of network equipment capable of handling the new speeds.

Xena 400GE White Paper Contents

  • Overview
  • 400GE Standards
  • The PAM4 Line Code
  • Forward Error Correction – FEC
  • 400G, 200G and other New Transceivers
  • The CFP8 Transceiver
  • The OSFP Transceiver
  • The QSFP-DD Transceiver
  • The SFP-DD Transceiver
  • The SFP56 Transceiver
  • The CS Connector
  • 400GE Testing
  • Benchmark and Performance Test Suites
  • Flexible Test Traffic Configuration
  • Xena Networks 400G Test Solutions
  • Testing up to Layer 3
  • Test Automation
  • Conclusion