Xena Ethernet Test Platform

for Ethernet Traffic Generation, Physical Layer testing and Network Emulation

Xena Ethernet Test Platform

Xena is a full-featured Ethernet traffic generation and network emulation platform with extensive Physical Layer test capabilities. User-friendly test software and test automation options are included with all Xena chassis and test modules enabling comprehensive testing of Ethernet devices at all speeds up to 800Gbps.

Use XenaManager or Xena OpenAutomation (XOA) to control the chassis and test modules

Xena software supports ad-hoc test execution via an easy-to-use Windows GUI and a number of standard test applications. You can also control the test system via a CLI interface or use the Xena OpenAutomation (XOA) open-source test automation framework. All Xena software works seamlessly across the different chassis and test modules.


There are over a dozen different Xena test modules for testing all speeds from 10Mbps up to 800Gbps via both electrical and optical interfaces. Xena also offers different chassis options: choosing the XenaBay chassis lets you quickly and cost-effectively scale to up to 72 ports in just one chassis, while the XenaCompact with up to 6 ports is ideal as an easy-to-transport solution for desktop use.

This diversity ensures you can easily extend your solution as the needs evolve, while Xena’s backwards compatibility eliminates the need for additional training or changes in workflows or automation integration.

Comprehensive Layer 1 sub-layer insights

Freya includes our proprietary 56/112G SerDes PHY Layer 1 solution, providing unparalleled access and control over core sub-layers like PCS, PMA, PMD.

Transmitting 100Gbps via PAM-4 over short traces or cables poses signal integrity concerns. Freya’s unique capabilities gives you valuable insights into Layer 1 sub-layers, facilitating understanding of challenges beyond conventional network test tools.

Learn more by reading the Introducing Xena PHY for Layer 1 Testing of 112G SerDes White Paper.


Multiple users can work on the same test bed simultaneously, and each user can reserve individual test ports on the same test module, and any number of users can view the configuration of any port.

This ensures maximum flexibility and utilization of the system, thereby reducing the need for additional test modules in multi-user setups.

Different users in different locations can reserve & use individual ports on the same test module.

Uniform test features across all Ethernet speeds

Xena supports the same test features for all Ethernet speeds. This simplifies user testing, enabling uniform testing procedures regardless of interface speed. This is especially advantageous for test automation, streamlining test case development and facilitating seamless transition to higher speeds as technologies evolve.

Unified UI and Automation tools

XenaManager and Xena OpenAutomation (XOA) make it easy to do Ethernet traffic generation, Physical Layer testing and network emulation via a single platform. The unified UI and automation tools facilitate user adoption of new use cases, offering a shared interface for multiple test capabilities within a single workflow. In addition to convenience, this simplifies control and integration of dependencies.

Xena Value Pack

All Xena solutions comes with the strong customer commitment of the Xena Value Pack

  • 3-years’ free access to all software releases
  • All GUIs and Automation APIs are included, including IETF and Xena test suites
  • 3-years’ hardware warranty
  • Free technical support for the lifetime of the product

Combined with our competitive port-pricing, the Xena Value Pack significantly reduces the total cost of investment and streamlines purchasing & license maintenance.

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