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Sign up for this on-demand webinar to learn how Chimera – the new 100Gbps high-port density network impairment emulator from Xena – can help you:

1. Test the performance of advanced 5G wireless applications to make sure your fronthaul configurations are flexible enough to balance the levels of latency, throughput and reliability needed to satisfy customers.

2. Use Circuit Emulation to help migrate from TDM to connectionless Ethernet networks while testing the accuracy and robustness of IEEE 1588 PTP and Y.1731.

ANLT in PAM4 Ethernet connections up to 400GE

When implementing the 802.3bs and 802.3cd standards, there are often issues in making auto-negotiation and link training (AN/LT) function run smoothly especially for the high PAM4 speeds like 200GE & 400GE.

View this 1 hour webinar now and learn how to identify and solve these issues using Xena’s Valkyrie traffic generators and Teledyne LeCroy’s protocol analyzer.