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Ready for Terabit Ethernet?
by David J. Rodgers

We’re Ethernet nerds and fascinated by the “next big thing” – which right now is how to make the jump to 800Gbps / 1.6Tbps.

So we invited David J. Rodgers to lead a discussion on the next hop in speed for Ethernet and what it means for the engineers who need to build the equipment needed to make it a reality.

The “Why” and the “How”
by Kevin Tolly

SD-WANs are the future of business networking and are relevant to service providers, enterprises and even small-medium businesses. SD-WANs are built of a combination of LAN switching and WAN routing hardware with a sophisticated software overlay. They are proprietary by nature – no two SD-WANs will perform the same way. Thus, it is essential they SD-WANs be benchmarked.

In this presentation, Kevin will provide guidance on essential benchmarking for today’s growing SD-WAN environment.

From script to CI – Automation as a software project

By Yoram Shamir 

Test automation has evolved far beyond engineers manually running ad-hoc scripts.

Satisfying the requirements of today’s advanced development standards requires automation frameworks that support complex test scenarios run by Continuous Integration (CI) tools over sophisticated setups provided by Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS) engines, producing daily reports.

Achieving this means approaching automation as a full blown software project.


Sign up for this on-demand webinar to learn how Chimera – the new 100Gbps high-port density network impairment emulator from Xena – can help you:

1. Test the performance of advanced 5G wireless applications to make sure your fronthaul configurations are flexible enough to balance the levels of latency, throughput and reliability needed to satisfy customers.

2. Use Circuit Emulation to help migrate from TDM to connectionless Ethernet networks while testing the accuracy and robustness of IEEE 1588 PTP and Y.1731.

Tolly Tests Safire

The Tolly Group recently tested Safire to see if it lived up to its promise. Join us for a webinar to learn the results of Tolly’s Safire evaluation tests and then hear how Safire can be used by security consultants (MSSPs & SIs) and internal enterprise IT departments.

ANLT in PAM4 Ethernet connections up to 400GE

When implementing the 802.3bs and 802.3cd standards, there are often issues in making auto-negotiation and link training (AN/LT) function run smoothly especially for the high PAM4 speeds like 200GE & 400GE.

View this 1 hour webinar now and learn how to identify and solve these issues using Xena’s Valkyrie traffic generators and Teledyne LeCroy’s protocol analyzer.

Why Performance Test Your Enterprise Firewall?

Sign up for this webinar to learn how Safire – the Enterprise Firewall Performance Tester from Xena – can help you:

How will your firewall cope when more staff work from home?
What happens to network performance when inspecting new app traffic?
How can you ensure firewall software updates go as planned?
What is the performance delta when switching from physical to virtual firewall?