Why the world’s best Ethernet test solutions come from Scandinavia ….

And why the future of Ethernet has never been brighter.


by Jacob Christensen, General Manager

Our award-winning Ethernet Traffic Generators (TG), Physical Layer testing and network emulation solutions help customers bring quality Ethernet products faster to market.

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Validation Testing

Want to verify that the functionality and performance of a new Ethernet product matches its specifications?

The Xena test platform is a highly versatile solution that can quickly and reliably deliver accurate results without breaking your budget.

QA Testing

Need to verify how an Ethernet product performs under a range of challenging environmental and operating conditions?

Xena is a robust platform with a range of standard test applications and automation options to streamline QA testing prior to production.

Production Testing

Want to test your Ethernet products as they leave the factory to catch problems before they reach your customers?

Xena is used by manufacturers globally for e.g. router testing, two-way interactive tests, aggregation and loopback testing.