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Ethernet is pivotal for government and defense operations. Its standardized protocols and robust security bolster data integrity, confidentiality, and availability, enabling seamless intelligence exchange and real-time collaboration.

Ethernet’s scalability adapts to evolving needs, from classified communications to surveillance, ensuring mission-critical data’s reliability and security, vital in countering cyber threats. In a world focused on national security, Ethernet serves as an invisible backbone, enabling efficient and secure operations for government and defense contractors.

Validating Ethernet device and infrastructure performance is therefore crucial. Xena’s solutions play an important role in this process, validating the performance and reliability of Ethernet technology.


Ensuring information flows quickly and smoothly between different groups on the battlefield – and those coordinating their operations – is essential.

Ethernet is the technology most frequently used for these ad-hoc networks.

This document looks at how Xena’s Ethernet test solutions can be used to validate the resilience and performance of devices and services on the interconnected battlefield.

Xena’s test solutions for Government & Defense

Broad range of test modules

Xena offers a selection of test modules enabling you to test all Ethernet speeds from 10Mbps to 800Gbps.

Our range includes specialized versions adapted for specific industries such as the Chimera Chi-100G-5s-2P. This test module can be used to emulate network impairments such as jitter and latency to perform thopugh testing of time critical data transfers.

Easy-to-use software

Xena’s test solutions include feature-rich software for generating Ethernet traffic and analyzing the result. The primary tool is ValkyrieManager.

There are also test suites for running standard tests such as RFC2544, RFC2889, RFC39118 and Y.1564, as well as a comprehensive range of powerful scripting and test automation options such as Xena OpenAutomation (XOA), an open-source test automation framework featuring a Python API that runs on any OS.

Robust chassis choices

Choose between the robust scalable 4U ValkyrieBay with space for up to 12 test modules, or the small, easy-to-transport 1U ValkyrieCompact with just one test module.

Exceptional value

All our solutions include the Xena Value Pack which consists of 3 years’ SW updates, 3 years’ HW warranty, free online/email support for the lifetime of the product and free product training.

Together with our low port-pricing, this represents significant savings on the TCO of your Ethernet traffic generation and analysis solutions.

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