Case Studies

Discover why our customers chose Xena and how our solutions help them meet their goals.


O-RAN Latency Testing

Parallel Wireless used Chimera to fast-track extensive latency mapping of front-haul O-RAN configurations.


eCPRI for 5G applications

eCPRI does not provide end-to-end synchronization or guarantee zero loss. Using Chimera to emulate network impairment is a good solution for testing 5G network performance and robustness under real-world conditions.


Switching to Xena

A Chinese switch manufacturer urgently needed a traffic generation and analysis solution to test the stability and performance of different switches in an EMC test environment. The challenge, however, was that their Devices Under Test (DUTs) were located in different labs in different buildings, and on different floors.


GPON testing at 100Gbps

The R&D department of a major NEM in China was developing new GPON ONU access solutions for transportation. To validate the performance of the new products, they needed to generate Ethernet traffic at 100GE, as well as 25GE and 50GE. Two key requirements were that the test equipment should be portable and provide two 100GE ports.


400Gbps FEC Measurements

A key player in the Chinese telecommunications industry needed a 400Gbps Ethernet traffic generation and analysis solution for performance testing of new standards and technology. Critical requirements for the solution was the capability to do FEC measurements, and it needed to be compatible with 400Gbps transceivers from major vendors.


Testing FPGAs & NICS

A leading ODM specializing in FPGAs and NICs had a large R&D facility in India. Acting on the recommendation of a US-based FPGA partner, they requested an evaluation of Xena’s Valkyrie platform to test their FPGAs at 100GE. This testing required multiple stream generation capabilities and RFC2544 testing.


QA Testing PON Devices

A major equipment manufacturer in China’s digital information and TV industry needed a production line test solution for Quality Assurance (QA) of 1Gbps PON devices. The solution needed to support long tests – up to 72 hours – as well as production tests taking just 10 seconds. Having experienced reliability issues with their previous solution, the manufacturer needed a production line tester that generated consistently accurate results.


Testing NPB & TAPS

A manufacturer in India specializing in Network Packet Brokers and Network TAP solutions was dissatisfied with the traffic generation and analysis solution they were using. It was expensive and the level of support was inadequate. Testing NPBs and TAPs requires segmenting incoming network traffic before it reaches e.g. security, application performance monitoring, or network forensic tools.


GPON testing at 1 & 10Gbps

To meet the ever-increasing demand for high-speed symmetrical Internet access and triple-play services to businesses and subscribers, the introduction of GPON technology in India was pioneered by a high-profile government R&D institute.

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