Portable solution for testing GPON Solutions

The R&D department of a major NEM in China was developing new GPON ONU access solutions for transportation. To validate the performance of the new products, they needed to generate Ethernet traffic at 100GE, as well as 25GE and 50GE.

Two key requirements were that the test equipment should be portable and provide two 100GE ports. Due to the instability of trading relations with the US, the Chinese-based manufacturer was interested in finding a reputable international supplier with a track record for building quality equipment, as an alternative to the local Chinese vendors.

Xena was versatile and reliable

Xena’s XenaCompact chassis with a Z100q Loki test module matched their technical requirements perfectly. The tester was a 1U portable tester that provided two 100GE test ports and also supported 50GE, 40GE, 25GE, and 10GE.

Using XenaManager, the software used for configuring and analyzing traffic, the Chinese NEM could view the number of lost packets in real time, as well as histograms for a convenient graphical representation of the statistics.

Affordable Scandinavian quality

Finally, the customer felt secure choosing an award-winning Scandinavian company with over ten years’ experience in developing easy-to-use traffic generation and analysis solutions and at a highly competitive price point.

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