Xena OpenAutomation


What is XOA?

Xena OpenAutomation (XOA) is an open-source test automation framework for use with Xena’s Valkyrie & Vulcan Traffic Generation & Analysis (TGA) solutions and Chimera, our network impairment emulator.

Fast, easy to use and extremely flexible, XOA features a Python API that runs on any OS.

You can use XOA in whichever way matches your specific test needs. There are three main options:

If you already have a well-established test automation framework and “just” want to add Valkyrie, Chimera or Vulcan to your existing setup, use the XOA Python API.

If you want to run any of the XOA test suites that we have developed as plugins – such as RFC2544, RFC2889, RFC3918 & soon Y.1564 – you can use XOA Core.

Or you can take advantage of the full XOA package which includes a XOA GUI for running tests, downloading reports & collaborating as a team.

XOA Python API

XOA’s full open-source Python API provides user-friendly communication interfaces to Xena’s Ethernet TGAs and impairment test solutions.

Key Features

  • Objected-oriented, high-level abstraction – help users save time on parsing command responses and concentrate on test logic
  • IDE auto-complete, built-in class/function/API manual – increase development efficiency
  • Sending commands in batches, automatically matching command requests and server response – increase test execution efficiency
  • Server-to-client push notification, and event subscription – reducing user code complexity
  • Covering commands of various Xena testers, including Valkyrie, Vulcan, Chimera
  • Asynchronous – increase I/O performance
  • Support Python 3.8 and higher
XOA has a Python API

XOA Core

XOA Core is a framework that provides a standardized way for developers and test specialists to execute, develop, and integrate test suites, and manage Xena’s physical and virtual Ethernet Traffic Generation and Analysis (TGA) testers.

Xena has used XOA Core to develop test suites for:

  • RFC2544
  • RFC2889
  • RFC3918
  • Y.1564 (coming soon)

And because the source code is open, you can do the same – develop and integrate your own test suites for your specific needs.


Xena OpenAutomation CLI (XOA CLI) lets you control Xena’s physical and virtual Traffic Generation and Analysis (TGA) testers via a command-line-interface using a text-based scripting interface, and a point-and-click interactive using Manager applications.

The CLI commands are simple lines of texts exchanged between a client and the Xena tester.

XOA Converter

Want to quickly migrate your existing Valkyrie test suite configurations into XOA? Easy – use XOA Converter.

Xena’s test suite applications have been around for many years – but only worked on MS Windows. Moving forward, all of Xena’s existing and future test suites will be included in XOA and therefore not limited to Windows.

To help you easily migrate your existing Windows test suite configurations (Valkyrie2544, Valkyrie2889, Valkyrie3918, and Valkyrie1564) into XOA, we developed XOA Converter.

XOA Utilities

Xena OpenAutomation Utilities (XOA Utils) is an interactive shell that lets you control Xena’s FreyaCompact ANLT Test Appliance via command-line interface (CLI) commands to perform operations for Auto-Negotiation and Link Training testing.

Find XOA on GitHub

We use GitHub to host all the XOA code because its a great platform for version control and collaboration, letting you and others work together on projects from anywhere.

XOA Documentation

To help you get going with XOA, we provide comprehensive documentation explaining how it works and what you should do next.

See XOA in action

Watch this video to see how XOA is used for testing Auto-Negotiation & Link Training (AN/LT) together with Xena’s FreyaCompact ANLT Test Appliance.