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Ethernet’s future has never been brighter. Here’s how we can help you bring new Ethernet products faster to market.

Half a century after its launch, Ethernet is the de facto networking technology for the Internet, industry and data centers. The top speed has grown from 10Mbps to 800Gbps – a factor of 80,000! – and analysts predict the demand for Artificial Intelligence & machine learning (AI/ML), high-performance computing (HPC), and 5G will drive Ethernet speeds from 800Gbps to 1.6Tbps to 3.2Tbps – before 2030!

“Each time Ethernet’s top speed goes up, the race is on to upgrade network equipment. We are one of the very few companies with the Ethernet test & measurement expertise to help manufacturers make it all work.”

General Manager, Jacob Christensen


If you think 800Gbps Ethernet is fast, just wait!

Devices supporting Ethernet’s new top speed – 800Gbps using 112G SerDes – are now on the market & industry analysts predict the demand for Artificial Intelligence & machine learning (AI/ML), high-performance computing (HPC), and 5G will drive Ethernet speeds to 1.6Tbps to 3.2Tbps – before 2030!

Xena’s product portfolio is carefully tuned to address the needs of companies developing solutions for each of these new technology cycles. With over a decade of experience in this highly specialized field, we are one of the very few companies that can develop scalable, reliable, and intuitive solutions capable of handling the unique challenges of testing terabit Ethernet.


The scalability of our Ethernet Traffic Generators is unmatched. The Xena test platform can be used for Ethernet validation, Quality Assurance, and production testing, meaning it can meet your test needs throughout the product lifecycle from R&D to when your products ship.

This is also evident in Xena’s powerful options for cost-effectively scaling up from very low port counts in the lab to the much higher port density needed in large-scale QA and production testing where rack-space is a premium.

It is also reflected in Xena ability to test all Ethernet speeds. Its unique architecture means it can quickly scale from 1.6Tbps to 3.2Tbps and beyond. This makes transitioning from gigabit-to-terabit Ethernet testing easy and cost-effective thanks to the uniform features, workflows and backwards compatibility that maximize customer convenience.


The transition from gigabit to terabit Ethernet creates new challenges that require new test capabilities.

Transmitting data using PAM-X for 112, 224, and eventually 448Gbps SerDes, over even short distances (e.g. between server racks, or PCB interconnects inside AI modules), seriously deprecates signal integrity. This dramatically increases the need to test Physical Layer performance.

Our new Z800 Freya 56 & 112G SerDes test modules with their unique Physical Layer test capabilities (see our XenaPHY White Paper) are already meeting the test needs of first-movers among semiconductors, NEMs and hyperscalers as they embrace the new speeds essential for satisfying the unrelenting demand for bandwidth.

The need for test equipment that can do Physical Layer testing is growing year by year, and we are committed to helping customers stay ahead of the curve with affordable, user-friendly test solutions that help them outperform their competitors by bringing quality Ethernet products faster to market.


Finally, to complement our expertise in Ethernet TG we offer Chimera, a trail-blazing network emulation module. Designed to help 5G O-RAN customers emulate real-world network traffic, Chimera delivers a series of powerful impairment features, enhanced by the unique ability to work seamlessly with Xena’s traffic generators. Being able to both generate traffic and add impairment via the same interface is an industry-first that radically enhances user convenience and test efficiency.

Combined, these three area of expertise – the unmatched scalability of our TGs, the unique Physical Layer test options and integrated network emulation solution – mean Teledyne LeCroy Xena is ideally qualified to help customers develop new Ethernet solutions as each new speed is adopted.

Source: Ethernet Alliance Roadmap 2023


There are many reasons to choose Xena – here are the five our customers most frequently mention.

1. Our Ethernet test solutions scale like no other

  • Specializing in Ethernet validation and Quality Assurance (QA), through to production testing, we are the ideal test partner during every phase of your product evolution.
  • We cover all Ethernet speeds meaning you can test gigabit Ethernet speeds today, confident that you can seamlessly transition to terabit Ethernet testing tomorrow.
  • Flexible low-to-high port count testbeds with reduced MTBF relative to bigger port count modules.

2. Reliability – and consistency – is built into our solutions for maximum value

  • Uniform test features across all Ethernet speeds ensure the consistency you need for reliable testing.
  • Our Automation APIs have been backwards-compatible since 2010, meaning time invested in our solutions today will still pay dividends.
  • Backward compatible GUI work-flows mean dependable processes that minimize errors and maximize familiarity.

3. Simple, easy-to-use hardware and software guarantee an easy learning curve.

  • Harness the power and flexibility of our CLI and Python automation tools with just a few clicks
  • XenaManager’s intuitive GUI means seamless GUI-to-Automation interaction
  • Straight-forward open-source test suites and Xena OpenAutomation (XOA) maximizes testing convenience

4. Doing business with us is designed for optimal convenience

  • Our solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers to solve real-world problems
  • Direct access to a dedicated team of professionals who respond quickly to customer feature requests & deliver on time
  • A simple, no-nonsense pricing structure and fast, efficient ordering, and shipping
  • Abundant and easy-to-access technical training & product documentation

5. Competitive port-pricing and our famous “Xena Value Pack” ensures the industry’s lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • All software and automation tools – including IETF and Xena test suites – free of charge
  • 3-years’ free access to all software releases
  • 3-years’ free hardware warranty
  • Free technical support for the lifetime of the product


A recent addition to Teledyne LeCroy, Xena was founded in 2007 and quickly established itself as a leading vendor of innovative Ethernet test solutions, successfully competing against companies many times its size. Here’s a brief timeline of that evolution:

2007 – Xena Networks ApS founded by Jacob Vestergaard Nielsen with the goal of developing a cost-effective & user-friendly alternative to Spirent & Ixia’s Ethernet traffic generators.

2010 – First 1GE test module released, together with two chassis options – the modular 12-slot XenaBay and fixed 1-slot XenaCompact. XenaManager SW included free of charge, together with free hardware warranty, tech support and product training.

2011 – Xena wins Frost & Sullivan’s “Global Gigabit Ethernet Test Equipment Price Performance Value Leadership Award”

2012 – Xena’s first multi-speed CFP 100Gbps test module released. Can also test 1G, 10G, 25G & 40G Ethernet.

2013 – Next-gen XenaManager released, together with standalone apps for testing RFC2544, RFC2889, RFC3918 & Y.1564.

2015 – Xena wins fourth consecutive Frost & Sullivan award “Global High Speed Ethernet Test Equipment Customer Value Leadership”

2016 – New triple-media, tri-speed Loki 100G Ethernet traffic generator & new Layer 2-7 test solution released

2017 – Development begins on first Thor 56Gbps PAM4 test module for testing 400Gbps Ethernet.

2018 – Innovative solutions for Ethernet production line & firewall performance testing released.

2019 – First version of Thor 400Gbps test modules released to market, together with first version of Chimera network emulation solution.

2020 – Vantage production line tester wins Lightwave Innovation Award.

2021 – Chimera wins Lightwave Innovation Award.

2022 – Xena announces release of Freya 112G SerDes PAM4 solution for testing 800Gbps Ethernet, and availability of new Xena OpenAutomation (XOA) platform

2023 – Xena releases world’s first dedicated Auto-Negotiation & Link Training (AN/LT) appliance, based on Freya 800G test module. The foundation for terabit Ethernet testing is now in place. Xena acquired by Teledyne LeCroy – Jacob Vestergaard Nielsen passes leadership of company to Jacob Christensen.