Rolling out eCPRI for 5G applications

June 18, 2020/by Selma
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Performance Characterization of Virtual NGFWs

Virtualization of #NGFW brings great flexibility to enterprise private #cloud #security. However, the diversity of the underlying hardware platforms creates uncertainty about the actual #firewall performance of a deployed solution. That's why at Xena we've decided to ...
June 15, 2020/by Selma

Xena Networks at the Ethernet interoperability demo

"We truly appreciate having Xena Networks as one of our key members, and for their continued participation in our #Ethernet multivendor #interoperability demonstrations....
May 14, 2020/by Selma

Network Emulation Webinar

Join us May 28 to learn how Chimera – the new 100Gbps high-port density network impairment emulator from Xena – can help you
May 12, 2020/by Selma
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Ethernet market going strong

Insight Partners predicts continued growth for the Ethernet test market and places Xena among the top 10 key players. Driving this market expansion will be the increasing adoption of cloud computing, IoT and a rising number of data centers. They underline the importance that 10GE technologies will have in the coming years to meet the growing demand for problem-free network connections - a factor that Xena can confirm based on recent orders.
April 8, 2020/by Selma
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Xena Partner of the year 2019

March 31, 2020/by Selma
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Ethernet Alliance Hot Stage

Xena demonstrates interoperability of the Thor 400GE test modules
March 19, 2020/by Selma
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Webinar – Testing AN/LT in PAM4 Ethernet connections

February 14, 2020/by Christopher
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Xena at OFC 2020

Visit Xena at OFC2020 to see our latest solutions in action.
January 27, 2020/by Christopher
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Automotive Ethernet Congress

January 14, 2020/by Selma
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QA Testing White Paper

Manufacturers rely on Quality Assurance (QA) testing to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize costly after-sales troubleshooting and support. One of the best known drivers behind QA testing is the ISO 9000 standard, but there are many others. This White Paper describes how to perform QA testing of Ethernet products e.g. stress testing under diverse environmental conditions, as well as functionality testing.
December 12, 2019/by Selma

Fastest Ethernet Production Line Tester

Extensive testing by one of China's largest manufacturers shows Vantage is the fastest production line tester
October 15, 2019/by Selma
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Valkyrie SW release 79.4

4x100G and 8x50G over QSFP-DD and 2xQSFP56 on Thor-400G-7S-1P. Support for various QSFP56 SR, PSM, LR, FR, DR transceiver types.
October 11, 2019/by Selma

IT-SA 2019

It-Sa 2019: come by booth #10.0-226 for a demo of Safire, the enterprise firewall performance tester
October 8, 2019/by Selma
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Safire smart analysis at It-Sa

Are you sure your enterprise firewall performs to spec? This chart shows one vendor's claim of a performance of 5Gbps was far from accurate.
October 7, 2019/by Selma
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Xena new logo

Have you seen Xena's new logo? After 10 years in the business, we decided it was time for a fresh new look.
October 4, 2019/by Selma

Test. Improve. Repeat.

Xena new tagline explained
October 2, 2019/by Selma

FutureCon – October 23

FutureCon brings high-level Cyber Security Training discovering cutting-edge security approaches, managing risk in the ever-changing threat of the cybersecurity workforce. We will be presenting our award-winning product: Safire, the enterprise firewall performance tester.
September 30, 2019/by Selma

IT-SA October 8-10

The IT-SA Conference is all about IT security. We will be presenting our award-winning product: Safire, the enterprise firewall performance tester.
September 30, 2019/by Selma
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European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC 2019)

Droop by booth 134 for a demo
September 24, 2019/by Selma
Goodput of FW under test drops dramatically to 2Gbps when decryption is added.

Safire puts firewall under test

Are you sure your enterprise firewall performs to spec?
September 6, 2019/by Selma

IoT means more business for NEMs

September 6, 2019/by Selma

Xena at ECOC 2019 in Dublin

Looking forward to being present on the Ethernet Alliance stand at the ECOC Exhibition.
September 6, 2019/by Christopher
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Vantage ideal for IoT testing

Manufacturers need fast, reliable production line testers that are super-easy to use for checking quality of Ethernet-enabled IoT devices.
September 5, 2019/by Christopher
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PAM4 100G & 400G Ethernet solutions

Xena now supports 4x100G PAM4 on QSFP-DD
August 16, 2019/by Selma

NSS Labs exposes weaknesses in NGFW products

How is your firewall's performance? Let Safire put it to the test.
August 6, 2019/by Selma

Top 5 Innovative NGFW

August 6, 2019/by Selma

DHCP Application Note

Learn how a Valkyrie chassis can function as a DHCP server
August 3, 2019/by Selma

Have you heard of IoDT?

An eco-friendly internet of disposable things is coming
July 27, 2019/by Selma
Interop Tokyo Award

Interop Tokyo 2019

Safire: finalist for best security product
June 24, 2019/by Selma
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Latest Gigabit Ethernet Test Industry market research

Xena Networks recognized as a leader in the Gigabit Ethernet Test Industry
May 29, 2019/by Selma

APAC event in Hong Kong

Winners of the Xena Quizz
May 20, 2019/by Selma
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EMEA Sales event

Congrats to PhoenixDatacom!
April 29, 2019/by Selma
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Lightwave Review of Xena newest product

March 5, 2019/by Selma

Optical Fiber Conference 2019

Visit Xena booth 6109
February 26, 2019/by Selma
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400G Plugfest

Xena Networks was at UNH InterOperability Lab
February 6, 2019/by Selma
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Xena is in the Top 5 of Ethernet Test Equipment Industry

A market with accelerating growth
January 10, 2019/by Selma

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