TEF 2021: The Road Ahead

Xena is a gold sponsor for Ethernet Alliance's "TEF 2021: The Road Ahead", Jan 25-29. Join us for a week of webinars about Ethernet's next decade of development with focus on the next Ethernet rate such as using 112Gbps SerDes for 800Gbps and terabit Ethernet.
January 5, 2021/by Selma
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Automotive Ethernet Congress

Visit Xena at Automotive Ethernet Congress in 9 - 11 February 2021
December 23, 2020/by Christopher Lind Arlaud

Chimera Live Demo Video

See how easy it is to use Chimera the #network #impairment emulator on Xena's live demo system.
December 3, 2020/by Selma
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Webinar: Tolly Tests Safire

The Tolly Group recently tested Safire to see if it lived up to its promise. Join us for a webinar to learn the results of Tolly’s Safire evaluation tests and then hear how Safire can be used by security consultants (MSSPs & SIs) and internal enterprise IT departments.
November 24, 2020/by Selma

Updated AN-LT White Paper

The new updated version of this popular White Paper offers a simple-to-understand analysis of the underlying technology and then shows how test engineers can troubleshoot all sorts of #400GE problems using Xena's Valkyrie traffic generator together with Teledyne Lecroy's protocol analysis and impairment system (SierraNet).
November 20, 2020/by Selma

Book your discovery call

Do you have a question about Ethernet Test Solutions? Book an online meeting with an expert to quickly discover if Xena solutions are a good match for your test needs
November 18, 2020/by Selma

QA Testing White Paper

Stress testing Ethernet devices and services? Xena's Valkyrie platform is the digital equivalent of the crash-test dummy - robust test equipment for measuring how Ethernet devices perform under pressure. Read this White Paper to learn how Valkyrie can help you with EMC ...
November 16, 2020/by Selma

Realistic Traffic Profile Generation for Enterprise Firewalls

When testing the performance of their #firewall, many IT Managers use standardized application mixes. But as these are made for benchmarking, the results can be very misleading. Safire offers an innovative solution that uses the firewall logs to...
November 6, 2020/by Selma
tolly test report sample
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The Tolly Group confirms the need for benchmarking firewalls

The Tolly Group confirms the need for benchmarking firewalls after Safire shows dramatically different throughput levels based on the firewall's security policy and functions. 

Looking to benchmark #Firewalls? 
October 1, 2020/by Selma
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