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Xena Reception

May 31, 2022/by Selma

Xena Networks sponsors talented Danish F4 Driver

Leader in high-speed Ethernet test solutions backs Sebastian Gravlund’s first year in Spanish F4 series.
April 7, 2022/by Selma

Xena Global Partner of the year Award

Xena is pleased to name NextGig Systems as their global "Partner of the Year" for 2021.
March 25, 2022/by Selma

Successful interoperability by sending and receiving 112Gbps SerDes PAM4

#OFC behind the scenes from last week! Happy engineers at the Ethernet Alliance stand. Xena's new 800G #TGA solution, Freya, successful showed #interoperability by sending and receiving #112Gbps #SerDes #PAM4 Ethernet traffic when hooked up by DAC to an Arista #switch.
March 24, 2022/by Selma

Xena’s Partner of the Year outside of the US and China

Xena is very pleased to name TelecomTest Solutions (TTS) in Melbourne, Australia - led by John Rabba and his team - as Xena's "Partner of the Year" outside of the US and China.
March 18, 2022/by Selma

Global Terabit Ethernet Testing Solutions “New Product Innovation” Award

According to Frost & Sullivan, Xena's new 800GbE TGA solutions are unrivaled in the market.
March 10, 2022/by Selma

OFC22: 800G Ethernet Testing Solution 112Gbps Serdes Pam4

March 4, 2022/by Selma

112Gbps Serdes Interoperability at OFC22 with the Ethernet Alliance

Are you going to #OFC22? Then drop by booth #5409. Xena will be presenting our latest product: the Freya test module. Freya supports testing of #112Gbps #SerDes #PAM4 based Ethernet at data rates of #800G / #400G / #200G / #100G.
March 2, 2022/by Selma

Quality of Service Validation White Paper

Quality of Service (QoS) is the capability of a network to provide better service to selected network traffic over various underlying technologies.
February 17, 2022/by Selma
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