Xena is a finalist in the Fierce Innovation Awards

Fierce Telecom com has just announced the finalists of the prestigious 2021 Fierce Innovation Awards. Xena Networks is proud to be selected as a finalist in the Network Test and Measurement Category for the Valkyrie Ethernet Traffic Generation & Analysis (TGA) platform
November 22, 2021/by Selma
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New webinar: Towards Terabit Ethernet

This webinar looks at the key technology decisions that the networking industry needs to consider as it starts developing devices based on PAM4 112Gbps SerDes that can deliver 800G - and later 1.6 Terabit - Ethernet.
October 27, 2021/by Selma

The Tolly Group confirms Chimera Network Impairment capabilities

The Tolly Group confirms Chimera Network Impairment capabilities. Such as drop, misordering, duplication, policing, shaping, and more. flow corruption capabilities of IPv4 & FCS. At 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G & 100G
October 14, 2021/by Selma

Easily test RFC2544 with dedicated software Valkyrie2544

Valkyrie2544 makes it easy to test RFC2544 over VLANs and IPv4 & IPv6 protocols, test with jumbo frames, verify low-latency & wire-rate, full mesh tests, uni- & bi-directional, and so much more.
September 21, 2021/by Selma
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New WP: Terabit Ethernet: How?

The new White Paper dives into the technical details. Called "Terabit Ethernet - How", it covers how Ethernet speeds beyond 400G and 800G require changes to the Ethernet physical layer as well as the implications for first movers in this pre-IEEE standardization phase.
September 9, 2021/by Selma
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ATxTel to offer Xena Network’s Ethernet Traffic Generation and Analysis Solutions

August 13, 2021/by Selma
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New WP: Terabit Ethernet, Why?

800G has barely arrived but already plans for 1.6 Terabit Ethernet are being made.
June 21, 2021/by Selma

Xilinx blog post

Read Xilinx blog post explaining Xena choice to use their product to build our 800G test modules.
June 16, 2021/by Selma
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Xena announces first 800GE TGA

Scandinavian vendor of Ethernet Traffic Generation and Analysis (TGA) solutions starts beta testing industry’s first test solution for 800Gbps Ethernet based on new 112Gbps SerDes.
June 4, 2021/by Selma
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