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NEMs face the challenge of efficiently developing innovative products that can “do more with less”, using the latest technology. The stakes are high which means delivering these products – on schedule – requires rigorous testing of myriad parameters throughout the product development cycle.

Xena delivers test solutions that can cost-effectively verify NEM’s products perform to specifications and live up to the quality and reliability standards – even under extreme traffic conditions:

Using our tried-and-tested stateless and stateful traffic generation and analysis platforms, Xena has helped manufacturers bring to market numerous different products in multiple segments including switches, routers, gateways, access network devices and firewalls.

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A Chinese switch manufacturer urgently needed a traffic generation and analysis solution to test the stability and performance of different switches in an EMC test environment. The challenge, however, was that their Devices Under Test (DUTs) were located in different labs in different buildings, and on different floors.



The R&D department of a major NEM in China was developing new GPON ONU access solutions for transportation. To validate the performance of the new products, they needed to generate stateless Ethernet traffic at 100GE, as well as 25GE and 50GE. Two key requirements were that the test equipment should be portable and provide two 100GE ports.