Masterclass Webinar #3

Succeeding with 112G SerDes

End-to-end testing from 100Gbps to 800Gbps Ethernet

20 February 11.00 – 12.00 PST

Succeeding with 112G SerDes

Join us Feb 20 (11.00-12.00 PST) for our third masterclass in getting the best performance out of your 112G SerDes solution.

Watch 4 demonstrations on how to succeed with Auto-Negotiation and Link Training – including detailed explanations by technical experts from Synopsys & Teledyne LeCroy.


Madhumita Sanyal
Sr. Staff Technical Product Manager
Solutions Group

Martin Qvist Olsen
Technical Marketing Director
Teledyne LeCroy Xena

Craig Foster
Product Line Manager for Storage & Networking
Teledyne LeCroy PSG


This webinar focuses on the frequently encountered technical challenges of implementing & optimizing 112G SerDes & AN/LT.

We will demonstrate both auto-negotiation and link training, slowing down the process so you can clearly see what information is being exchanged, and how to interpret this data and what parameters to change to improve the results.

We will then manually single-step through the Link Training process to verify robustness and debug issues.

Finally we will look at the current difference between an Ethernet Technology Consortium-compliant 800G link and an IEEE-compliant 800G link.’

Following the four demonstrations there will be an open Q&A session.


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