Plotting the performance landscape for 5G RAN Packet Networks

This White Paper explains why Ethernet impairment testing can enable efficient and cost-effective testing of dynamic 5G-RAN packet networks

5G is now being deployed and will eventually be the default mobile infrastructure. While there are huge benefits associated with 5G, there are also major challenges involved in ensuring the transmission of time-sensitive traffic.

This White Paper examines how to map the performance landscape of 5G RANs using network impairment solutions to emulate real-world conditions in the lab to troubleshoot issues during and after deployment.



  • Executive Summary
  • 5G RAN presents new challenges
  • The performance assurance challenge in dynamic 5G networks
  • Plotting the performance landscape with impairment testing
  • Key focus areas for 5G RAN packet network impairment testing
  • Impairment testing adds a critical dimension to performance assurance
  • Plot the 5G RAN performance landscape with Chimera


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038 WP: Plotting the performance landscape for 5G RAN Packet Networks

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