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This page describes the available module properties for ValkyrieManager.


Property Explanation
Module Model The Xena test module model type.
Serial Number The Xena test module serial number.
Version Number The currently loaded firmware version number.
Firmware This button allows you to manually upgrade this module with a firmware image that has been uploaded using the controls in the chassis panel. Usually, it is recommended that you use the firmware upgrade functions in the Setup program as this provides a more automated and user-friendly approach.
Port Count The number of detected ports on the module.


Property Explanation
Module Temperature The current module temperature in degrees (Celsius).


Property Explanation
Reserved By If the module is currently reserved by someone this field contains the username of the reserver.

Time Configuration

Property Explanation
Latency Reference Control how the test module time-stamp clock is running, either freely in the chassis or locked to external system time. Running with free chassis time allows nano-second precision measurements of latencies, but only when the transmitting and receiving ports are in the same chassis. Running with locked external time enables inter-chassis latency measurements, but can introduce small time-discontinuities as the test module time is adjusted.
Local Clock Adjustment (*) Makes a small adjustment to the local clock of the test module, which drives the TX rate of the test ports. The property value is the desired adjustment from the nominal value, in parts-per-billion, positive or negative.
SMA Output Function (*) For test modules with SMA connectors, this property selects the function of the SMA output.
SMA Input Function (*) For test modules with SMA connectors, this property selects the function of the SMA input.
TX Clock Source (*) For test modules with advanced timing features, this property selects what drives the port TX rates.
TX and SMA Clock Filter (*) For test modules with advanced timing features, this property determines the loop bandwidth on the TX clock filter.

(*) This property is not supported by all module types.

CFP Configuration

Property Explanation
CFP Type Describes the type of CFP. The following values are supported:

  • Not a CFP: This is not a CFP-based test module.
  • CFP (Not Present): No transceiver, the CFP cage is empty.
  • CFP (Not Flexible): Transceiver present, supporting a fixed speed and port-count.
  • CFP (Flexible): Transceiver present, supporting flexible speed and port-count.
CFP Configuration This property shows the current number of ports and their speed of a CFP test module. For a flexible CFP type, it also allows the user to change the configuration.

This property is not supported for non-CFP modules.

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