Quality of Service

Test. Improve. Repeat.

Traffic is prioritized according to its importance and some types of traffic are more sensitive to latency, jitter and packet loss than other. Xena offers QoS validation solutions in accordance with RFC 2544 and Y.1564, as well as advanced statistics functions that help users track, analyze and troubleshoot QoS to maintain a high service quality guarantee.

Testing that link performance complies with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) includes verifying Frame Transfer Delay (FTD), Frame Delay Variation (FDV) and Frame Loss Ratio (FLR) at the Committed Information Rate (CIR) defined in the SLA. Verifying the SLA with the Xena1564 allows doing the test on a line simultaneously loaded with traffic from other services.

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Government and Defense

When you are entrusted with national security and providing vital services to the general public, you need reliable test equipment with a documented track record for accuracy and efficiency.



Xena has been serving the financial sector for over a decade, delivering advanced solutions that help IT departments measure and improve the performance and compliance of networks and services to ensure optimal operating efficiency.