100G PON

During their Innovation 2017 exhibition, BT demonstrated a prototype 100G PON system using Xena's Valkyrie test platform. Read how BT used Valkyrie to verify the functionality of their new PON solution.

Providing broadband internet access to citizens in big cities and rural areas is a priority.

Network operators have deployed a number of solutions. One is FTTx (Fiber To The “something”) which provides digital communication over optical fibers either all the way to the customer premises, or to a place close to the customer with a DSL solution covering the last part. FTTx networks are typically implemented as Passive Optical Networks (PONs).

British Telecom (BT) recently demonstrated a 100G PON prototype system (developed by Huawei) at BT’s Innovation exhibition. They used a Loki-100G-5S-1P 5-speed dual-media test module in a ValkyrieBay chassis to generate Ethernet traffic through the 100G PON to showcase its performance.


  • BT Innovation
  • 100G PON Test requirements
  • Demonstration during BT Innovation
  • Future 100G PON Testing
  • 100G PON equipment
  • Xena Networks 100G PON Test Solutions
  • Testing up to Layer 3

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