GPON Certification with LAN

This White Paper examines the background for BBF.247 testing and how LAN uses Xena’s solutions for their formal certification process.

What is LAN?

LAN – the Laboratoire des Applications Numériques – is an independent test center based in France that tests a diverse range of digital applications. The Broadband Forum  officially selected LAN as Test Agency authorized to administer the approved BBF.247 tests and to assess eligibility of products for the Broadband Forum BBF.247 Certification.

How does Xena help LAN with testing?

LAN uses Xena’s ValkyrieBay and ValkyrieCompact testers, equipped with the Odin-1G-3S-6P 6-port 1Gbps test module to conduct BBF.247 tests. Using the free ValkyrieManager software, LAN can test and verify GPON transmission equipment including TR-247/ATP-247 conformance test cases. Read this White Paper to learn more

GPON Certification with LAN White Paper covers:

  • GPON Standardization
  • VLAN
  • IGMP
  • Other PON Systems
  • GPON Test requirements
  • GPON Equipment
  • LAN – The Laboratoire des Applications Numériques
  • Xena Networks GPON Test Solutions
  • Testing up to Layer 3
  • Test Automation

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023 WP: GPON Certification with LAN

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