Quality Assurance Testing

How Valkyrie can be used for QA testing of Ethernet products up to Layer 3.

Quality assurance

Manufacturers rely on Quality Assurance (QA) testing to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize costly after-sales troubleshooting and support.

The ISO 9000 standard

One of the best known drivers behind QA testing is the ISO 9000 standard, but there are many others.

How Xena’s Valkyrie platform can be used?

This White Paper describes examples of how Xena’s Layer 2-3 Valkyrie platform can be used for QA testing of Ethernet products e.g. stress testing under diverse environmental conditions, as well as functionality testing.


  • EMC Tests
  • Mechanical Tests
  • Thermal/Humidity Tests
  • Hi-Pot Tests
  • Sand and Dust Tests
  • Salt Spray Tests
  • Test Standards
  • QA Test scenario
  • Automation
  • Xena’s solution for QA testing

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