The Case for 25GE & 100GE

Data centers are hungry for bandwidth but strapped for cash. Adding more 10GE equipment is a short-term solution but upgrading to 40/100GE is expensive.

The benefits of 25GE and 50GE networks

The demand for cloud-based solutions has grown rapidly, leaving many data centers hungry for bandwidth.

What are the cost-effective solutions for providing bandwidth?

This has created a demand for cost-effective solutions that can deliver extra bandwidth and fully utilize the high capacity of the new generations of CPUs being used in the servers in the data centers. The new CPUs can easily support data rates higher than the 10 Gigabit Ethernet, which for a long time has been used for connections in the datacenter environment. But upgrading to 40 Gigabit Ethernet comes with an extra price tag due to the capital expenditure and power consumption.

What is the support for new processors?

This is why the industry has pushed to get cost effective 25 Gigabit Ethernet and 50 Gigabit Ethernet solutions standardized and ready for deployment.

What is Xena’s new solution?

To evaluate and benchmark the performance of any new 25GE and 50GE equipment, data centers need test equipment that support the new speeds. Xena offers the Loki-100G-5S-1P – a 5-speed test module that can generate traffic at 100GE/50GE /40GE/25GE/10GE. Read this White Paper to learn more about why being able to test all five speeds with just one test module represents a significant cost saving.

The Case for 25GE and 50GE White Paper – content

  • Top-of-Rack Datacenter Design
  • 25 Gigabit Ethernet (25GE) and 50 Gigabit Ethernet (50GE) Standardization
  • Protocol Stack
  • 25GE and 50GE switches
  • 25GE and 50GE NICs
  • Available Electrical and Optical Modules
  • 25GE and 50GE Test Requirements
  • Xena Networks 25GE and 50GE Test Solutions
  • Unique Eye Diagram
  • Testing Above Layer 1
  • Testing from 10 Gigabit/s to 100 Gigabit/s

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