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About Chimera

Chimera is a network impairment emulator that makes it easy to introduce consistent, accurate, well-defined and repeatable impairments (e.g. packet manipulation, latency, jitter, bandwidth control and shaping) to traffic between DUTs in the lab. All rates from 10GE to 100GE are supported by a single 2-slot test module.

Chimera is ideal for NEMs who want to optimize Quality of Experience (QoE) for customers by ensuring their equipment can handle acceptable levels of impairment. Service providers, enterprises, and government agencies can also use Chimera to validate Quality of Service (QoS) for voice, video, and data traffic being sent across their networks.

Chimera can be used a “standalone” solution, but it can also be installed as a test module in a ValkyrieBay chassis for seamless integration with ValkyrieManager’s traffic generator. This provides a really simple way of emulating impairment to traffic being generated via Valkyrie all from the same GUI.

Chimera makes it easy to emulate network impairment, making it a extremely cost-effective and convenient solution for:

  • Benchmarking
  • Stress testing/ Negative testing
  • “What-if” testing
  • Regression testing

Used to emulate

Latency and jitter in Ethernet traffic

at 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, 50GE and 100GE



Time waits for no man – especially if he wants to succeed in finance. The high pace of international trading means millisecond delays can impact bottom line results. Measuring the impact of latency and jitter on networks and services is essential for improving financial performance. That’s where Chimera comes in.



Customers increasingly expect the same experience when they are on the move as when they are at home. Service providers use Chimera to validate Quality of Service (QoS) for voice, video, and data traffic being sent across their networks.

System diagram

Chimera can function as a standalone traffic impairment emulator. Or it can be installed in a Valkyrie chassis to seamlessly add impairment to traffic (up to 100GE) being generated by the other Valkyrie test modules.


When a Chimera test module is installed in a ValkyrieBay chassis, ValkyrieManager detects its presence and makes the Chimera’s software options available for adding impairment. This makes it very easy for test engineers to emulate impairment via the same GUI they use for generating the stateless Ethernet traffic.

This diagram illustrates how the Chimera test module emulates impairment. Incoming traffic enters a flow filter and different types of impairment are then added (as defined in the GUI), with each traffic flow being processed in a prioritized order.

Two hardware options

Both options below support impairment emulation at all rates from 10GE to 100GE via a single Chimera test module.

TEST MODULE (Chi-100G-5S-2P)

Chimera is currently available as a 2-slot test module for a ValkyrieBay chassis, where ValkyrieManager is used to emulate impairment as part of it standard user-interface.


ChimeraCompact is a standalone version of Chimera where the test module is installed in a quiet desktop-sized chassis.

Latest Features


Users can now create up to 8 impairment flows. And in addition to basic latency and packet drop, it it possible to impair traffic based on port link flap, mis-ordering of packets and corruption of Ethernet Frame FCS. Chimera 2.0 also supports 25G FEC.

Coming Soon

The main focus for the up-coming Chimera releases will be jitter and more advanced forms of latency. These should be available within the next couple of months.


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