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Everyone knows the performance of a firewall depends on which security features are enabled, the type and volume of traffic, the number of users and so on.

But very few companies know the “true” performance of their firewall because it’s so hard to measure.

Is this information valuable? Yes!

Knowing the real performance of your firewall – in your network, with your traffic, your applications and your users – will reveal:

  • Is your firewall a performance bottleneck for users?
  • How will changing your security policies impact performance?
  • How do other changes to your network impact performance?
  • Is your firewall giving you the best value for your money?
Safire diagram

Safire is a simple tool for quickly measuring the true performance of enterprise firewalls. In less than an hour, you can use Safire to set-up & run tests that result in an easy-to-read PDF report precisely detailing the performance of an enterprise firewall incl. the impact of enabling different features, adding users, changing the type & volume of traffic and so on.

“A firewall can slow down an entire business. Safire brings unprecedented visibility to firewall performance.”



A lightweight, easy-to-transport chassis:

Chimera SafireCompact-2020

Test 1 & 10G

2 test ports for testing 10GE & 1GE via 10GBASE / SR / LR / DAC SFP+


Test 1, 2.5, 5 & 10G

2 test ports for testing 10GE, 5GE, 2.5GE & 1GE over copper (BASE-T RJ45)

Finally! A simple way to quickly measure the true performance of an Enterprise Firewall

safire manager small

Safire is controlled via a simple web-interface called SafireManager. Users are guided through the few simple steps of connecting to the firewall and defining each variable relevant to the test – which network scenario and traffic profile to use, how many users to be emulated, which firewall features are enabled and so on. This typically takes only a few clicks, and then Safire is ready to start testing.

Every network has a unique traffic profile defined by the applications being used, the number of users, the data and security policies, the network topology and so on. Performance testing enterprise firewalls – where application-awareness is widely used for policing the traffic – requires unique traffic that matches the traffic profile of that network. To help you do this, Safire includes an extensive library of application traffic to maximize the accuracy of the test.

Once the test is completed, Safire generates a simple-to-read PDF report that summarizes the the key findings on the front page, followed by a wealth of graphical data so you can instantly spot any serious performance issues.

Safire Test

IT and network managers can use this report to make data-driven decisions like:

  • How to boost their firewall’s performance without compromising security
  • Document how changes to the network impact firewall performance
  • Validate the need for a new enterprise firewall
  • Verify if a new firewall lives up to the performance claimed by the vendor


You’re going to love this!

Safire Tester

The tester itself (either model shown above) will cost you $7,999.

This includes three 1-month licenses that you can activate as needed.

1 month License

Each one-month license costs $999. That’s it.

While the software license is active, you can use Safire as much as you like, and access Xena’s full range of technical support services. The month licenses do not have to be used consecutively – you activate them when you need them. You can always buy additional licenses, via the Xena License Portal.

If the license expires, you need to pay an additional $249 service activation fee to start using the tester again. There are no other costs.


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Safire Videos

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  • How to configure and customize traffic profiles in Safire so they accurately match a specific organization. (4:35)

More videos:

  • How to configure & run Safire test cases, and analyze the performance results of an enterprise firewall. (7:17) Watch now
  • How to define a new “firewall-under-test” for Safire to test. (3:28)  Watch now
  • Safire’s “Auto Traffic Profiler” feature uses firewall log files to very precisely recreate the same type of of traffic when measuring the performance of the firewall for maximum accuracy. (5:40) Watch now
  • How to use the Xena License Portal to buy and assign licenses for Safire, Xena’s enterprise firewall performance tester. (3:58)  Watch now
  • A key feature of Safire is the test result analyzer which compares the results of selected tests. This is a great way to get an instant overview of key parameters derived from multiple tests. (5:22) Watch now
Safire Webinar

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The Tolly Group recently tested Safire to see if it lived up to its promise. Join us for a webinar to learn the results of Tolly’s Safire evaluation tests and then hear how Safire can be used by security consultants (MSSPs & SIs) and internal enterprise IT departments.

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