NGFWs have a problem

Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) have advanced features that make them ideal for segmenting corporate LANs to secure the internal network.

The downside of these features is their impact on performance – often soaking up over 90% of the available bandwidth. Network performance is critical so this is a serious issue, given how expensive NGFWs can be.

The current solution is not much better

But measuring the performance impact of each feature is difficult.

NGFWs are complex to characterize under realistic traffic conditions. And obtaining accurate and standardized performance specifications from vendors is hard.

Until now, the only solution has been to invest in complex test solutions and consultants that often cost more than the NGFW itself.

Meet Safire – the “no fuss” NGFW Tester

Safire makes it easy to quickly measure the performance of NGFWs under realistic traffic conditions.

Simply connect Safire to the NGFW, and then use the browser-based SW to define what sort of traffic mix, how many users and which features to enable and start your test.

Within minutes Safire will automatically measure the firewall’s performance and generate a PDF containing all the results and key conclusions, making it easy to pinpoint the NGFW’s “breaking point”.

Top 5 Use Cases for Safire

#1: Test before you buy

Compare the performance of different NGFWs during the purchasing process to find out which one best suits your needs.

#2: Measure before you install

Its best practice to validate the performance of your NGFW prior to installation. This gives you a baseline measurement to compare against later.

#3: Do a post-update checkup

Its always a good idea to measure your NGFW performance after firmware updates and patches. Better to be safe than sorry.

#4: Measure the impact of network changes

Any significant changes to your network – new topology, new devices – can also impact NGFW performance. Use Safire to identify problems immediately.

#5: That new app did what … ?

Safire makes it easy to analyze the performance impact for new applications like a new datacenter backup routine or a new ERP system.

At-a-glance Reporting

Safire generates comprehensive PDF reports, with a front-page summary for “at-a-glance” reporting. This makes it easy to compare the results of different tests and different firewalls.

The GUI displays detailed graphics that make it easy to pinpoint exactly when a NGFW reaches its breaking point e.g. when the latency and error rates suddenly climb to unacceptable levels.

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