Vantage makes testing easier

Vantage is a production line test solution for networking devices that use Ethernet traffic, such as switches, NICs, routers, GPON devices, cable modems, EOC, power modems and so on.

The solution consists of dedicated hardware and software from an experienced test & measurement expert, and is designed to be flexible, scalable and very easy to use.

Vantage helps Networking Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) quickly detect performance issues and verify new features before the Devices Under Test (DUTs) leave the factory.

This small investment in pre-production testing and quality assurance improves customer satisfaction and productivity.

One-click simplicity

Vantage is all about ease-of-use. User-friendly software gives quick access to powerful automation features that make it simple for production-line staff to conduct comprehensive testing with just a few minutes instruction – one click of a button is enough to execute complex sequences of testing and report generation.

  • Pre-defined production test cases
  • Easy to develop new test cases
  • Sequential and batch test modes, without manual intervention
  • Pass/Failure threshold pre-configuration

“Vantage makes it easy to do accurate production testing and quality assurance – at speeds from 1GE up to 400GE – during manufacturing”

Vantage System Overview

How does Vantage compare to Valkyrie?

Vantage and Valkyrie are based on the same technology but there are some key differences. Here's how they compare:
Modules1G, 10G and 100G only; less port speeds combinationComprehensive test modules with all speeds from 100M to 400G
ChassisIU and 4U chassis1U and 4U chassis
Port Densityfewer options than Valkyrievery high port density

Different Test Applications:

Vantage is for production line testing, while Valkyrie is for R&D testing. Vantage's operation is very simple and demands zero technical background. Valkyrie is a professional test tool which requires a good knowledge of Ethernet and network infrastructure
Vantage Valkyrie
UIWeb UI - Python basedWindows APP
Test Automation Highly automated test environment: auto link status checking and test run Need interactive configuration and manual test implementation with UI
Test Configuration Pre-defined test cases and scenarios; simple and repeated test setup, no tech background neededComplex test parameters configurations, learning curve is longer, need professional network and testing tech background
Test Execution Three steps to execute a test case, multiple tests with different setups for different DUTs can be ran simultaneously One test setup for single DUT in most environments

Different Test Results:

Vantage delivers a simple Pass/Failure result mechanism. Valkyrie provides comprehensive results that are much more detailed for further analysis.
Vantage Valkyrie
Real-time statistics Not supported Supported
Chart statistics Not supported Supported
Statistics in report Simple reports only shows: TX/RX packets, Loss, Loss Rate, Latency; and test pass or failure•L1/L2 TX/RX (Mbit/s, packets/s, packets, bytes)
• Loss, payload integrity errors, sequence errors, misorder errors
• Min latency, max latency, average latency
• Min jitter, max jitter, average jitter
LogSimple log file content very detailed log
Not support statistics loggingSupport statistics logging

Different Software Features:

Vantage is used for production line testing - most functions and configurations are pre-defined, and repeated in very short test duration. Valkyrie is used for a huge range of test scenarios and supports complex configurations and extended testing.
Vantage Valkyrie
RFC2544Not supportedSupported
RFC2889Not supportedSupported
RFC3918Not supportedSupported
Y.1564Not supportedSupported
Capture & ReplayNot supportedSupported
Port configurationOnly configure IP addressFull version of Port configuration
Stream ConfigurationNot supportedSupport multiple streams and comprehensive stream configuration
Header configureNot supportedLoad and edit any packet header
FilteringNot supportedSupported
Inject ErrorsNot supportedSupported
LoopbackNot supportedSupported
MulticastNot supportedSupported



Vantage hardware is controlled via an easy-to-use web-interface called VantageManager.

VantageManager can be accessed from any web browser and requires no understanding of network or testing to operate.

A selection of pre-defined testcase is available and new testcases can be developed by Xena’s team of engineers. The testcases can be configured and combined by Xena’s engineers or customers to meet individual needs.

The software automatically generates reports documenting the tests. These are clearly laid out with the front page summarized DUT ports with pass/fail mechanisms, and a list of failed ports that have failed with probable causes indicated. More details are then presented later in the report if there is a need for in-depth test analysis.

Vantage Test Case Library includes:
Router test Bi-directional traffic generation between WAN and LAN ports, could be multiple LAN ports to single WAN port, or one WAN port to multiple LAN ports. Test of throughput and failures. The test may be configured with values for packet size, bandwidth, packet loss and other stream parameters. The result of the test is a pass/fail message and in the case of fail details about the failure for later analysis.
Two-way interaction test Generate traffic between all ports, or between odd and even ports, or one direction traffic generation, with or without VLAN tagged frames. The result of the test is a pass/fail message and in the case of fail details about the failure for later analysis.
Aggregation test Supports one-to-many and many-to-one traffic generation.
Loopback test Loopback test one a configurable number of ports on e.g. a DUT such as a switch or a router. The test may be configured with values for packet size, bandwidth, packet loss and other stream parameters. The result of the test is a pass/fail message and in the case of fail details about the failure for later analysis.
PON aggregation test Traffic is transmitted one-to-many and packets are sent both up and downlink. The test may be configured with values for packet size, bandwidth, packet loss and other stream parameters. The result of the test is a pass/fail message and in the case of fail details about the failure for later analysis.


Robust high-density test chassis

Vantage solutions are available in 2 chassis: a modular, high-port density 4U VantageBay chassis with 12 slots for test modules supporting speeds from 1GE up to 400GE via a variety of interfaces: SFP, SFP+, QSFP, QSFP28, QSFP56 & RJ45.

Easy-to-transport VantageCompact

Alternatively, choose the fixed 1U VantageCompact chassis – there are 4 versions supporting testing from 1GE to 100GE.

Wire-Speed Test Modules

Vantage has dedicated production-only test modules that can be ordered and installed in any combination. The robust chassis features a very strong mounting mechanism for the test modules. This ensures high levels of reliability in demanding production environments and during transportation.

The “7-speed” Van-400G-7S-1P supports testing at 400G, 200G, 100GE, 50GE, 40GE, 25GE and 10GE. Not only can you test the 400Gbps equipment, you can also save money by testing six other speeds using the same test module.

“Vantage is the fast, effective solution for testing switches, NICs, routers, GPON devices, cable modems, EOCs, power modems and more.”

One VantageBay chassis can hold up to:
No. of Modules Test Module P/N No. of ports Description of test module
6 Van-400G-7S-1P 6 400G optical port supporting 7 speeds: 400/200/100/50/40/25/10GE
8 Van-100G-5S-4P 24 100GE optical ports that support 5 speeds: 100/50/40/25/10GE
8 Van-100G-5S-2P 16 100GE optical ports that support 5 speeds: 100/50/40/25/10GE
12 Van-10G-1S-6P 72 10GE copper/optical ports
12 Van-10G-5S-6P-CU 72 10GE copper ports that support 5 speeds: 10/5/2.5/1GE & 100Mbps
12 Van-1G-3S-6P 72 1GE copper/optical ports