Vulcan Licensing System


The Vulcan Licensing System is part of the ChassisUpgrader application that is responsible for upgrading your Xena tester chassis with new firmware.

The ChassisUpgrader is only available in Xena Software Release 57 and newer.

How Does It Work?

Vulcan consists of two L4-7 hardware platforms: the VulcanBay and the VulcanCompact (which replaces the Layer 2-7 XenaAppliance).

These units come complete with perpetual performance licenses. It also includes one year of free software upgrades and hardware warranty. After that, customers can extend coverage as described in the section “Extended Warranty and Service Agreements”.

IMPORTANT: Unlike the “End Of Life” XenaAppliance, the VulcanCompact does not support Layer 2-3 test modules.


1. There are 3 hardware versions of the VulcanBay. Each supports different combinations of port and speed:

• 12 x 1/2.5/5/10G RJ45 L4-7 Test Ports
• 12 x 1/10/25G Optic L4-7 Test Ports
• 2 x 40G and 8 x 1/10/25G L4-7 Test Ports
All 3 VulcanBay chassis have 28 Packet Engines, which customer can freely assign to ports to achieve the desire performance.

2. There are 4 types of speed license (for 1GE, 10GE, 25GE & 40GE).

Customers must first choose which HW version they want (1), and then buy licenses to activate the speed (2) they need:


3. There is also a special license for enabling TLS traffic generation.

How to purchase an additional speed license?

To purchase an additional speed license, Xena Networks needs a Purchase Order (PO) listing the following information:

Serial number(s) of the equipment
Type of speed licensee: Vul-V1G-P, Vul-V10G-P… etc)
Name(s) and email address(es) of who should receive the update

Once this has been done, an email will be send with the new license certificate with instructions on how to active the new license.
This is done through the VulcanManager.