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Vulcan makes it easy to generate stateful traffic over Ethernet and then analyze how firewalls, wireline & wireless networks, NICs, packet brokers, NAT routers, bandwidth-shapers and so on perform in a wide range of real-world scenarios.

Vulcan is available in two chassis: the high-performance VulcanBay which supports testing up to 40GE with 24 million Concurrent Connections (CC) or 6 million Connections Per Second (CPS) and 7 million Transactions Per Second (TPS). Or the smaller VulcanCompact which can test up to 10GE with 14 million TCP Concurrent Connections (CC), 5 million TCP Connections Per Second (CPS) and 2.8 million Transactions Per Second (TPS) and 500,000 Concurrent TLS Sessions.

VulcanManager is a free Windows-based application used for configuring, generating and analyzing stateful Ethernet traffic up to 40Gbps. VulcanManager supports TLS 1.2 performance testing e.g. handshakes per second, TLS throughput, concurrent TLS connections, etc., with different cipher suites and certificate key sizes on a DUT that decrypts traffic on one side and encrypts on the other.

Also included is VulcanAppMix, a library of application traffic and protocols in pcap format that makes it easy to set up large-scale realistic traffic from various applications, using pre-defined and customizable mix templates.

Used to configure and generate

Stateful traffic over Ethernet at speeds up to 40GE



Leveraging the latest technologies to develop better, faster, smarter networking products is a challenging discipline. Testing Ethernet networking devices is Xena’s core business.



Vulcan offers the power and versatility to analyze how firewalls respond under a wide variety of real-world networking scenarios.

System diagram



VulcanManager is user-friendly Windows-based client used to configure, generate and analyze stateful traffic over Ethernet at speeds up to 40GE. You can easily use it to customize payload and connection profiles, and do PCAP application emulation.

VulcanManager supports TLS 1.2 performance testing (e.g. handshakes per second, TLS throughput, concurrent TLS connections etc.) with different cipher suites and certificate key sizes on a DUT that decrypts traffic on one side and encrypts on the other.


VulcanAppMix (VAM) is a library of application traffic and protocols in pcap format. VAM makes it easy to set up large-scale realistic traffic from various applications, using pre-defined and customizable mix templates. Up to 200 pre-defined application scenarios can be played simultaneously, each covering a one-client-to-multiple-servers communications scenario that can be scaled up to millions of connections with real-world traffic.

Chassis – Two options

VulcanBay is a 19” rack-mountable chassis comes in three port configurations: 12x10GE ports, 12x25GE ports or a combination of 8x25GE + 2x40GE ports. Speeds are enabled by purchasing the relevant licenses.

High Performance Testing:

Vulcan delivers blistering performance and capacity when generating realistic traffic at 1GE, 2.5GE, 5GE, 10GE, 25GE & 40GE:

  • 28 million Concurrent Connections (CC)*
  • 10 million Connections Per Second (CPS)**
  • 800,000 Concurrent TLS Sessions
  • Capture capacity: 40 million x 128 bytes buffers / 4 million full-size buffers
  • 5.7 million Transactions Per Second (TPS)***

17.2″ (437mm)
3.5″ (89mm)
17.7″ (450mm)
Weight: 42lbs (19 kg)

* 28M TCP Clients and 28M TCP Servers on one VulcanBay
** Measured at 1M CC per 10G port
*** Measured at 10 transactions per connection

There are 3 versions of the VulcanCompact – two for testing 10GE and 1GE, and a third for testing either 25GE & 10GE or 10GE & 1GE (depending on the transceiver used). All three are provided with perpetual licenses for the port speeds and analyzing TLS traffic.

  • 14 million Concurrent Connections (CC)
  • 5 million Connections Per Second (CPS)
  • 2.8 million Transactions Per Second (TPS)
  • 500,000 Concurrent TLS Sessions

– W: 19” (48.26cm)
– H: 1.75” (4.45cm)
– D: 9.8” (25cm)
– Weight: 10lbs (4.5kg)

Latest Features in Release 83

Xena is constantly improving its solutions. In addition to the inevitable bugfixes, there are all the new features that extend the functionality of the product. Vulcan solutions are sold with 12 months’ free software updates, 3 years’ hardware warranty, plus free tech support for the product lifetime – all reasons why Xena is consistently named the industry’s price/performance leader. Release 83.2 is now available and includes various bug fixes.

Statistic History Explorer

Quickly open and compare multiple test statistics. Statistics for each test have their own explorer, that can be dragged out of the application area for comparison. Reports can be generated from the Statistics Explorer. The Statistics Explorer comes with retention and pinning scheme to control test project size and protect favorite test statistics from being deleted.

Improved testing work flow

A more fluent work flow makes the ‘Reset’ phase optional. Now the test will automatically reset after execution and the test statistics will be available using the Statistics History Explorer.

Import/Export test statistics databases.

Test statistics database can now be exported and imported into the Statistics History Explorer. This can be used both for collaboration as well as saving test statistics.

Payload editor, improved configuration of HTTP payload

In HTTP content editor, use content source type “Body text” to inject a text response of given size.

Prolonged TCP re-transmission mode

Configure TCP connection to after re-transmission retries have exceeded to enter a mode where a re-transmission will occur periodically with last re-transmission timeout value.

Quick reserve, release port

With a simple double click you can quickly change the reservation state of a port.

Coming Soon

Here are some of the new features we’ll be adding to Vulcan in the coming months.

Test Suites and Test Objectives

Build test suites with a set of predefined and easily configurable test objectives to achieve automated performance, capacity and responsiveness measurements of your device under test.
Each test in the test suite will perform scan or search for a well defined objective and present results in a comprehensive report.


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