Vantage Knowledge Base

Chassis Administration

Chassis Information

In this UI page, you could get the chassis information. It will contain Vendor, Version, Version date and so on.

 Item  Description
 Vendor  VantageManger will always belong to Xena Networks ApS
 Version  The version number of the program
 Version date  The date of this version published
 Chassis web address  The web address of the chassis, it’s specific for multiple chassis in one UI
 Chassis  The chassis information, it will display all chassis information if the user adds multiple chassis into one manager IP.

Chassis Upgrade

 Visit the VantageManager Chassis Upgrade web page through this link.

Test Port Information

The port information is from the last scan performed and may be out of date.

To update the information press the “Rescan Ports” button.

The most important thing is that you can assign the ports to different users. Note that you can only use this port after assigning it to your user.

Expand button: Click this button to expand or hide the detailed information of each chassis/module.

Modules ID – [Modules type]

 Item  Description
 Port  Port ID of each module.
 Link  Link status of the port, green means link up, red means link down
 Reserved  The owner of the ports. One port only can be assigned to one user.
 Port information  The transceiver information and port speed types. If there is no transceiver in the cage, it will display “empty cage”

User Administration

VantageManager allows the administrator to add new users and assign their roles. If your user is not an administrator, it will not be allowed access to the “User administration” page.

 Item  Description
 New user login name  The name of the new user, you can use this new user to log into


 Active and login name  The name of the users
 Roles  Test   The role of “Test Now” page, will allow user to start the test
 Config   The role of “Configuration” page, allows user to define the test configuration
 Result   The role of “Test Result” page, allows the user to view the detail test result and download the RDF/TEXT test report
 Admin   The role of “Vantage Administration page”, the administrator user,

allow customer to modify the user and their roles

 The button which is used to add a new user
 Enable/disable the user, once you disable it, you can’t login to Vantage any more with this user
Modify the password of the users
Save the password which you have inputted
Filter the user list, e.g. just see the active users