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Software Version: 2.4.1

Safire chassis is controlled via a simple web-interface called SafireManager. Users are guided through the few simple steps of connecting to the firewall and defining each variable relevant to the test – which network scenario and traffic profile to use, how many users to be emulated, which firewall features are enabled and so on. This typically takes only a few clicks, and then Safire is ready to start testing.

Every network has a unique traffic profile defined by the applications being used, the number of users, the data and security policies, the network topology and so on. Performance testing enterprise firewalls – where application-awareness is widely used for policing the traffic – requires unique traffic that matches the traffic profile of that network. To help you do this, Safire includes an extensive library of application traffic to maximize the accuracy of the test.

Once the test is completed, Safire generates a simple-to-read PDF report that summarizes the the key findings on the front page, followed by a wealth of graphical data so you can instantly spot any serious performance issues.

Click the link below to download the user manual as a PDF file.

Download Safire User Manual as PDF

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